– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Director William Brent Bell wants lightning to strike twice.

After his unexpected successful film “The Devil Inside” this past weekend, Warner Brothers Pictures signed the director to helm “The Vatican.”

Unlike the exorcism film, “The Vatican” will be a conspiracy thriller to be written by David Cohen. Warner Brothers has fast tracked the project and it will be a hybrid film that uses found footages similar to “The Devil Inside.”

Cohen wrote the scripts of “Subject Zero” and “No One Lives.” “The Devil Inside” script was written by Bell and Matthew Peterman (“Stay Alive”).

Bell also previously directed 2006’s “Stay Alive” and 1997’s “Sparkle and Charm.”

Despite very poor critic reviews and receiving an “F” from CinemaScore audiences, “The Devil Inside” was the top grossing film this weekend with $34.5 million for a $1 million budgeted film.

Source: Deadline