‘MacGruber 2’ is Happening?

– by Gig Patta

It sounds like there may be a “MacGruber 2” in the future. And hopefully the sequel will not blow up in their faces.

ScreenCrush spoke with “MacGruber” director Jorma Taccone about a possible sequel.

“It would be me, Will [Forte] and John [Solomon] writing it again,” he said. “Every time I hang out with Will, we talk about all our cool ideas for the sequel. We have the idea for it and we have a title, but I won’t tell you what it is.”

Although specific plot details were not revealed, Taccone mentioned the sequel idea will take place during Christmas.

For now, don’t count on “MacGruber 2” anytime soon. Taccone is developing a couple of projects, including “The Great Unknown” and an unannounced project for Adam Sandler.

“MacGruber” earned a little over $8 million in the theaters in 2010. So officially, “MacGruber” was a bomb. So there must be some real die-hards asking for a sequel.

Source: Screen Crush

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