Hugh Laurie in Talks for ‘Robocop’ Remake Villain

– by Gig Patta

The Brits still make ideal bad guys in American movies.

“House” actor Hugh Laurie is in negotiations to play the villain in MGM’s remake of “Robocop,” according to Variety.

Laurie will play the corporate CEO of Omni Corp., the company that built Robocop.

The British actor is best known as Dr. Gregory House in the television show “House M.D.” to American audiences, which ended this year. The actor had lend his voice in several animated movies the shows including “Stuart Little,” “Arthur Christmas,” and “Monsters vs Aliens”

He would join Joel Kinnaman, Abbie Cornish and Gary Oldman in the cast. Veteran actor Samuel L. Jackson is also in talks to play a charismatic media executive.

MGM’s remake will be directed by “Elite Squad” director Jose Padilha and from a script by Josh Zetumer.

“Robocop” will be distributed by Sony Pictures and set to begin production later this summer.

Source: Variety

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