‘Transformers 4’ is the Last ‘Transformers’ Movie for Michael Bay

– by Gig Patta

Director Michael Bay stated that “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” “Transformers 4” will be his last movie in the “Transformers” franchise.

He really means it this time around.

In an Los Angeles Times article about Universal Studio’s Transformers theme park ride, he re-confirmed again that the upcoming “Transformers” movie will definitely be his last one.

The article did not mention any new details except that there will be an entirely new cast and some redesign of the robots.

And he indicated the franchise will be set up “for the next guy.”

Oh, wait. We’re already planning for “Transformers 5” then?

“Tranformers 4” is scheduled for a theater release on June 27th in 2014.

Source: Los Angeles Times' Hero Complex

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