'20000 Leagues' Adrift without Brad Pitt

– by L-R

20000leagues A true adaptation to Jules Verne’s “20000 League Under the Sea,” will be an arduous spectacle to keep afloat. Full of murky underwater worlds and fights against sea monsters, the difficulty is almost inherent. The same can be said a bout the talent as well.

Quashing prior reports, Brad Pitt will not be involved in the adaptation. Disney is not the only one involved in getting production started; so is Australia. The government has approved a 30 percent rebate in order to get the film done and scouts for Disney have been seeking locations for the project in the Queensland region. The movie is projected to be the biggest film made on Australian land.

It is projected to be a great boon for the economy from down-under as it is speculated that “20000 Leagues Under the Sea” will surpass 2,000 local jobs as well as $80 million.

Looks like the creative process has stalled, but if the sea-faring yarn fails to make a splash, there’s always “From the Earth to the Moon.”

Source: THR

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