EXCLUSIVE: Harrison Ford Will Return As Han Solo In ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

– by L-R

Good morning cool kids!

What’s poppin’?

Star Wars, man!

I still can’t believe there is going to be another trilogy.

I’m not going to lie, I was one of those who were of the opinion that all the recent Star Wars news was a tad overkill. I wanted to disconnect my internet until 2015.

I thought lots of folks felt the same way I did.

Boy was I wrong.

I took an informal twitter poll and asked my followers if they wanted Star Wars scoops. The response was overwhelming.  Even my inbox got bombed like never before.

Man, y’all really want Star Wars scoops!

After trying to avoid the circus, I’m now smack dab right in the middle of it.

So like a Corellian smuggler I went on the prowl and I came up with something BIG.

How big?

Big enough that for the first time, I went on a cable news channel to actually drop the scoop. I’m a fan of what they are trying to do by engaging Latino audiences so I went and paid Victor Garcia over at FoxNewsLatino a visit to talk about my accidental scoop career, and also about a certain Corellian smuggler. Check out the video below.

So yeah. Harrison Ford is back as Han Solo. How awesome is that?!

But that’s not all cool kids!

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