SUPERBOWL EXCLUSIVE! So How Does ‘The Hulk’ Fit Into Marvel’s ‘Phase 2’ & ‘Phase 3’ Plans?

– by L-R

WARNING! THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS HEAVY PLOT SPOILERS SO IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED THEN READ NO FURTHER! I'M NOT KIDDING! Last July Marvel sent a dog after my colleague @da7e for this article. In fact, it caused an uproar that the Hollywood Reporter even reported on the situation.

Only thing is, that dog was a poodle with all bark and absolutely no bite. But that poodle did something much MUCH worse. It didn't know that it stumbled onto the territory of a very aggressive NEAPOLITAN MASTIFF ATTACK DOG.

Bad idea.

I took my colleague's harassment quite personally because Marvel didn't even have the courtesy to apologize for the harassment. You now what that did?


So I hit the pavement, went underground, and on a little ninja stealth mission for the last few months to see what I can dig up. Now wherever you stand personally on this issue, whether you're into movies, comic books, video games, politics, or tech, leaks and spoilers are going to happen. In fact it will continue to happen long after I'm gone from the scoop game. It is part of our culture. Whether you like it or not. Take for example a toy leak last week that revealed a major plot point of the upcoming Iron Man 3. Anyway, from my experience, fanboys are quite the thirsty bunch when it comes to their superheroes. A majority want to be the first in the know or else they wouldn't camp outside Hall H in San Diego for hours by the thousands during Comic Con.

So let's concentrate on today's story which was months in the making.

Marvel is a very strategic company. They plan their attack YEARS out in advance. When they were making the very first Iron Man movie, they already had the strategy leading up to The Avengers in place, four to five years out. They executed their plan brilliantly. You just don't get a $525 million revolving credit line without having a game plan in place. With Phase 2 currently underway, Marvel again is laying out the groundwork years in advance for Phase 3. We already know about Ant-Man and Dr. Strange.

Where does The Hulk fit into all this?

Being the Neapolitan Mastiff Attack Dog that I am, I followed that poodle's scent back to it's territory from which it came. It lead to Marvel's offices here in New York City. So I got myself a Canon 7D and we shot ourselves a nice little video blog on a chilly Saturday morning. We are now living in a time where fake denials are issued and they end up being true. As a heads up, because of the information we have, although Marvel's MO is not to comment on anything, don't be surprised if we get a fake denial.

One more thing, I also embedded the tweets of the twitter followers who guessed the answers to my clues below the video.

So, without further adieu...

Enjoy our first video blog of 2013. We hope you like it and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Congrats to the following twitter followers who correctly guessed my clues last week.

@elmayimbe Marvel's Illuminati, yeah? BP, Cap, Namor, Black Bolt, etc.?

— John Gendreau (@turtletrance) January 28, 2013

I hope that BIG scoop that @elmayimbe promised us is about a new HULK movie #HulkFan

— Denton Tyjuan Parris (@TF3100) January 31, 2013

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