Comic-Con 2013: Exclusive Interview with Rooster Teeth's Kara Eberle and Kathleen Zuelch for Animation ‘RWBY’

– by Gig Patta

RWBY Talk about girl power.

Rooster Teeth presented a new animated series “RWBY” to the San Diego Comic-Con International masses last week.

The series follow four animated women with special fighting powers. “RWBY” is a representation of the four colors they wear—red, white, blue and yellow.

Latino-Review caught up with Kara Eberle, the voice of Weiss (white character) on “RWBY.” And “RWBY” producer Kathleen Zuelch was there as well. Zuelch is also the voice of Glenda Goodwitch in the series.

First episode of “RWBY” is already available at New episodes will appear on the site every Thursday.

Check out the full interview below.

Watch the first episode below.

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