Comic-Con 2013: Interview with Karolina Wydra, Sebastian Cordero and Ben Browning for ‘Europa Report’

– by Gig Patta

europareport-featurette Europa, here we come!

“Europa Report” is a space mission movie to seek live on Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons. Just like any other space mission, things go awry and we’re left with found footage.

Unlike other space mission movies, “Europa Report” may be considered as one of the most realistic movies to date.

Last week at San Diego Comic-Con International, Latino-Review participated in a round table interview with actress Karolina Wydra, director Sebastian Cordero and producer Ben Browning for the movie.

The discussion focused on the realistic production of the movie and the eerie feelings of space and space travel.

“Europa Report” will be in theaters on August 2nd and is already On Demand.

Check out the roundtable interview below:

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