Exclusive: Producer Courtney Solomon Updates on WB’s ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Movie

– by Gig Patta


Courtney Solomon’s “Dungeons & Dragons” movie is still taking flight.

During an exclusive interview with Latino-Review at San Diego Comic-Con International, the producer of “Dungeons & Dragons” gave us a brief update on the status of the film. And it sounds like the movie is still moving forward despite legal disputes over the film rights.

Hasbro licensed the film rights to Universal Studios for a big budget "Dungeons & Dragons" movie. Its subsidiary, Wizards of the Coast, filed a copyright infringement lawsuit a couple of months ago to stop the development of this D&D movie with Warner Brothers.

“I have a producing movie, which is a reboot of ‘Dungeons & Dragons.’ We are doing this with Warner Brothers,” he told Latino-Review. “That’s sort of a $100 million plus movie.”

So unlike the last three films, it sounds like Warner Brothers will make this into a more epic Dungeons & Dragons film.

“This one is going to be a proper version of it,” he continued. “It should be very, very cool. We’re just finding a director for that movie right now. So that’s exciting.”

The full interview with Courtney Solomon about his upcoming movie “The Getaway” will be published later tonight.

So D&D fans, excited for a proper reboot for this movie? And possibly without Marlon Wayans?

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