Rumors: Mark Strong or Bryan Cranston Are Being Considered as Lex Luthor for ‘Superman Vs Batman’

– by Gig Patta

batmanvssuperman-featurette Hey, don’t forget there has to be a bad guy for the upcoming “Superman Vs. Batman.”

Actor Mark Strong kind of winked at Digital Spy about the rumors that might be the next Superman. He said to them:

“All I can say is….watch this space.”

Okay, whatever that means.

On the other hand, our very own El Mayimbe is suggesting a very different actor as Lex Luthor.

He playfully hinted via his own Twitter that it might be Bryan Cranston.

Here are some of his Tweets below.




So who do you prefer? Mark Strong or Bryan Cranston. I say Cranston, because Strong had his chance already in a “Green Lantern” movie. But, both are good actors anyways.

Source: Digital Spy, Latino-Review's El Mayimbe

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