Will We See A Familiar Sidekick In 'Batman Vs Superman'?

– by L-R

There seems to be a lot of activity these days on Batman Vs Superman.

Here is what we know so far. Zack Snyder and company are in hard prep for a shoot that starts in February, they're setting up shop in the lovely state of Michigan, and there are supposedly four ladies who are in contention for the female role in Batman Vs Superman which many speculate and believe will be some sort of Wonder Woman cameo. Jaimie Alexander last week set the internet on fire when she said she met with Warners over the female role in the movie and just today, my pals from Schmoes Know just said that Olga Kurylenko screen tested. Remember folks, there are four ladies and so far we know of two. However, having seen Jaimie Alexander in Thor: The Dark World, if Miss Jaimie bags the gig, then Wonder Woman is indeed in good hands. Have you guys seen the outfit she rocked the other day the premiere?! My goodness.

Anyway, while everyone is chasing Wonder Woman scoops, I secretly went on a big game scoop hunt of a different kind. You see, I got a hot tip a few weeks back that I have been investigating, but I have been running into quite the brick wall. Sometimes these scoops take MONTHS to flip. Case in point: Rocket Racoon.

I took a twitter poll and asked if I should drop this scoop as a rumor and you all unanimously said YES.

Due to overwhelming popular demand, here is what I dug up in the video below. Enjoy and chime in your thoughts below.

Now I'm fully aware that Zack Snyder, Henry Cavill, and Amy Adams are doing a Man Of Steel Q&A over at Yahoo! Movies this Saturday with Kevin Smith. Some cornball is bound to ask if what I just dropped is true, please keep in mind that exactly three years ago this month Zack Snyder denied that General Zod was the bad guy in Man Of Steel. How did that turn out? :)


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