Poster and Distribution Dates for the Documentary ‘American Jesus’

– by Gig Patta

AmericanJesusBanner Glass Eye Pix announced TDC Entertainment’s Shelter Island acquired the DVD and non-theatrical North American rights to the upcoming documentary “American Jesus.” Gravitas Ventures will handle VOD and theatrical distribution for the film.

The film is director Aram Garriga’s ambitious look at Christianity and the religious obsession in American culture. It made its premiere this year at the Woodstock Film Festival and Sitges Film Festival.

Here’s the synopsis:

American Jesus is an exploration of Christianity in every faction of American life, from the bread line to the yoga studio, from the humble churches of snake handlers to the mega churches of the ex-urbs. Christian cowboys, bikers and musicians, comedians, surfers and cage-fighters, they are all doing it for Christ. Aram Garriga travels from his native Barcelona to the politically divided United States to chronicle the sometimes bizarre relationship between faith, materialism, politics and personal passions in this uniquely American tableaux.

Populated by an array of religious and secular characters offering candid, often illuminating testimonials, American Jesus is a vivid mosaic of personalities and conflicting points of view that emerges as a portrait of an America yearning for solace and meaning in the modern world.

The studio plans for theatrical release in select markets in March and April next year. It will be released on DVD, VOD and iTunes on May 13.

Here is the poster and trailer for “American Jesus” below:


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