Forest Whitaker Gets 'Taken'!

– by LRM

taken2-feature Deadline is reporting that "Ghost Dog" himself, Forest Whitaker, is in talks to join the third installment of Liam Neeson's Taken series. Olivier Megaton, who directed the second film, will be back in the director's chair for this one, and Liam Neeson is set to return as well. Word on the street, by the way, is that Neeson wasn't sure about returning for the second one, but then they threw $15 million at him. Voila! And for this go-around, the rumored paycheck for Neeson is said to be $20 million.


Whitaker is coming off the success of Lee Daniels' The Butler, and is a veteran of the screen with a career that spans over 30 years. No word as of yet as to what kind of role he is in talks for, but I can imagine him coming on as a buddy/partner for Neeson- with the two of them, perhaps, having to join forces to face whatever evil entity exists in this one. Something like that could tweak the formula a bit, giving Neeson's Bryan Mills someone to work with and play off of.

Are you interested in a third Taken film? Are you still onboard with Neeson's career makeover as an action star? Discuss.

Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing Neeson fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a comedian. Just see for yourself he is:

SOURCE: Deadline


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