MGM Celebrates Its 90th Year of Filmmaking

– by Gig Patta

MGMLogo Happy 90th Anniversary, MGM!

MGM announced a yearlong global campaign to celebrate the studio’s 90-year legacy. The studio created over 175 Academy Award-winning films, including 14 Best Pictures.

Yesterday, Leo the Lion started off the ceremonies by embedding his paw prints at the famous TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

A few of MGM signature films including “Rocky,” “Rain Man,” “Fargo,” “RoboCop” and “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” have been restored in 4K resolution. It will be issued through Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and available for pre-order on

In addition, MGM debut its 90th anniversary trailer, which will play in theaters and its MGM channels. The trailer features several iconic scenes from MGM’s movie library.

Check out the trailer here.

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