Chris Pratt Talks 'Jurassic World': Filming Begins In 6 Weeks!

– by LRM

chris-pratt-la-11-14-13 jurassic world guardians of the galaxy Chris Pratt sat down with MTV to discuss his exciting upcoming slate of projects. The actor, primarily known for comedic roles in films like Delivery Man and on the NBC series Parks and Recreation, is about to break out in a big way. Marvel cast him as Peter Quill aka Star-Lord in Guardians of The Galaxy, and he's also been chosen to anchor the cast of the next entry in Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park franchise called Jurassic World.

In the video below, Pratt speaks candidly about how the script for Jurassic World, the 4th film in the dinosaur series, does a great job of justifying its existence. He acknowledges that there could be legitimate skepticism from fans about why humans, after three failed attempts, would keep tampering with bringing dinosaurs back to life. He also talks about the clear vision that director Colin Trevorrow has for the project, which clearly won Spielberg over. Pratt even reveals when filming for Jurassic World is set to begin, and it may be sooner than you realized.

Enjoy. It's short and sweet, and it's a chance to get to know Chris Pratt a bit- which you might want to do since it looks like Hollywood is about to put its weight behind the guy and push him to the A-List.

Jurassic World opens on July 12, 2015



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