'Fantastic Four' Screen Tests, and A Female Doctor Doom?

– by LRM

fantasticfour Casting rumors have been springing up for months about Twentieth Century Fox's upcoming reboot of Fantastic Four. THR is now reporting that at least one of them is true, and that another may be in the midst of becoming a reality. According to the breaking report, Michael B. Jordan- long rumored to be in the running to play Johnny Storm, aka The Human Torch- is indeed attached to star in the project. But that's not all. Miles Teller, the hot young actor that has been said to be up for the part of Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) has apparently entered the screen test phase of the casting process.

Who is Teller supposedly testing with? According to the report it is not rumored past candidates like Saoirse Ronan and Elizabeth Olsen, but rather House of Card's Kate Mara and Shameless's Emmy Rossum. They're apparently the real front-runners for Sue Storm, aka The Invisible Woman.


What about Ben Grimm? It looks like the debunked rumors from last week that pointed to Josh Gad were debunked for a reason. The man said to be reading for The Thing is little known actor Christian Cook. What I found interesting, while looking into him, was that THR either misspelled his name, or Cook is a true unknown. Because when you look up Christian Cook, you find little to nothing (3 IMDb credits and no picture). But when you look up Christian Cooke, you find this young British actor that seems to fit the mold of the other people that the production seems to be targeting:

Christian Cooke-DGG-034539

So I don't know exactly what's going on with Grimm, but I'll keep this updated once I get to the bottom of which Christian Cook/Cooke Fox is looking at.

THR also states that Doctor Doom will, once again, be the central villain in this Fantastic Four reboot. No word yet on who will play the part, but the report vaguely states that the studio isn't against going after a big star and...gender-bending the role (*cue the horde of angry fanboys!*).

Fantastic Four will be directed by Chronicle's Josh Trank.

More as it develops...

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

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