'Fletch' Will Ride Again!

– by LRM

L14A2850.dng After a series of starts, stops, and restarts, it looks like Gregory McDonald's character, I.M. Fletcher ("Fletch," for short), will finally be heading back to the silver screen. McDonald introduced the investigative reporter to the world in 1974, and would go on to publish 12 books about the character. The character is best known to mainstream audiences through the two Chevy Chase films about him that came out in 1985 and 1989. The first Fletch is considered a classic, while Fletch Lives...not so much.


Hollywood, however, has been trying to bring Fletch back to theaters for quite some time. Over the years, many actors have been sought for the role- including Chevy Chase in an abandoned sequel, and Jason Lee (My Name is Earl), who would've starred in a series reboot written by Kevin Smith. Other notable names on the I Was Almost Fletch List are Ryan Reynolds, Zach Braff, Joshua Jackson, and even Ben Affleck. For this particular attempt to revive Fletch, the producers have tapped Jason Sudeikis to play the iconic role.


The new film, Fletch Won, will serve as a reboot and is said to be more in-line with the books. It's described as a gritty, action comedy. Something that's more Beverly Hills Cop than Naked Gun, if we're sticking with 80s comparisons. The script they're working on was written by David List.

Sudeikis is on a hot streak these last few years, with Hall Pass, Horrible Bosses, and We're The Millers all performing extremely well. So he's considered something of a high-profile grab for the project, which could provide the spark needed to finally get the film made.


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