5 Things Happening in the World of Pro Wrestling

– by Tim Jousma

1.Adam Cole came out victorious, as predicted by me last week, at Death Before Dishonor. It’s a well deserved victory for an up and coming star. What that victory, it caps Ring of Honor’s first real attempt at an episodic story line. One legitimate issue I’ve had with Ring of Honor television is the fact that apart from some rudimentary nods to their Pay Per Views, the shows have been random matches that have no real meaning. Wrestling is story telling. If we wanted to see two guys, or ladies, fight, we’d watch MMA. While the story was spotty, the fact they found a way to keep us viewed to the screen every week is a step in the right direction if the company hopes to expand. One bit of advice I have for Ring of Honor. Get Steve Corino back on color commentary! You have one of the best color commentators in years on the mic and you’re keeping him off the air to sell a story that should have ended six months ago. Stop. I need to hear him yell SUPERKICK when the Young Bucks do their thing.


2.Finn Balor won the new Universal Championship at Summerslam in a match against Seth Rollins…and had to relinquish it the next day due to an injury suffered in the match. Bret Hart, in a statement released to Wrestlezone.com, stated that he felt Seth Rollins performance in the ring is responsible for the injury. The legend Sting had to retire after a serious neck injury sustained after a match with Seth. My two cents? The opinion of someone who has never stepped in the ring before? I disagree with Bret. While the action in the ring is highly choreographed to make sure that they can do their job night in and night out, accidents happen. I would suspect that on a legal basis alone if the WWE had a performer that was regularly injuring people they would do what they could to rein that performer in or at the very least, keep them out of the ring. I am going to give the WWE the benefit of the doubt on this one.


3.Bayley finally made her main roster debut on this past edition of Raw. She has been a mainstay on the NXT roster for a while and her merchandise reportedly has been selling more than all the other female performers in the WWE combined. If you’ve had a chance to see her in action, you realize immediately how special of a performer she is. She’s not the bikini clad performer WWE used to parade around in pudding matches or Playboy Pillow Fight matches. She’s an actual athlete with charisma to spare. Definitely check out her match against Sasha Banks at the first NXT Takeover: Brooklyn as that goes down as one of the best matches in 2015.

4.Wrestling legend The One Man Gang has been one of the many victims of the recent hurricanes in Louisiana. His home was destroyed due to flooding, taking with it his massive collection of memorabilia from his career. He needs further assistance in terms of getting his home back up in livable shape so if you are so inclined, feel free to donate to his GoFundMe campaign at this website. https://www.gofundme.com/2lbn0us

5.Talking Smack, a Smackdown after show exclusively on the WWE Network, is turning out to be quite interesting. During this weeks show, Daniel Bryan, the GM of Smackdown, called The Miz a coward. The Miz threw down what is his best promo to date. I’ve been disappointed in his career. He definitely has potential but he’s the prime example of what you get when you have a wrestler that recites lines. His act is homogenous. Yet this one promo he gave, the intensity he gave it is off the charts amazing. In a way, it reminds me of Ric Flair’s promos back in the 80’s. When he talked about the Intercontinental title, the passion he showed toward keeping it shined in a way he’s never been able to show before which is what he has needed for the longest time. I hope we get a chance to see more of this from him on the main shows because damn, I’d pay to see him get his ass beat.


  Finally, if you have the WWE Network, there’s a little treat there for you. In their On Demand section, they’ve recently updated some of their classic shows and added some more episodes of NWA: World Championship Wrestling. If you lived in the South in the 80’s, or had TBS on cable anywhere else, 6:05 pm on Saturday Nights was mandatory viewing for some of the best wrestling on the planet. Whether it be the Four Horsemen, The Road Warriors, Dusty Rhodes, Jim Cornette and the Midnight Express, you had some of the best going at it each and every week. Talent wise, Jim Crocket Promotions, the company that owned what became WCW, should have blown the WWE out of the water. Thanks to mismanagement, and the genius of Vince McMahon, that turned out not to be the case. Yet thanks to the Network, you can view these classics from the 80’s.

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