Stephen King's IT Has Wrapped Production!

– by Joseph Medina

It’s a good time to be a Stephen King fan. In the same year, we’ll be getting adaptations of two popular pieces of work from him. As we reported earlier this week, The Dark Tower is set to get both a film adaptation in 2017, and a TV series in 2018. In addition, 2017 will see the first realization of his popular horror novel, It, on the big screen.

Of course, in the mind of many, It was a novel that came on their radar thanks to the TV mini-series back in 1990, which starred Tim Curry. Thanks to TV regulations, there was no way to make a completely “true” version of the film back then. It’s almost 30 years later, and given the technology available, and the increased acceptance of longer stories on film, it appears we’ll be getting the movie we all deserve soon enough.

This new film is set to come from Mama director Andy Muschietti, who has been hard at work filming the project for the past couple months. Now, thanks to a couple Instagram posts from him and his sister, Barbara Muschietti (who is also serving as one of the film’s producers), we now have confirmation that the film has officially wrapped.

With the new adaptation of It now in the can, thus begins the long process of stringing things together. But that’s not all.

Ever since the film started to gain momentum, it was stated the adaptation would ultimately be set in two parts — one part following our leads as kids, and the other following them as adults. In the book, the story starts out from the adult perspective, and weaves in and out of the past, based on the perspective of each of the adults. This new two-part approach seemed to be an attempt to stay more faithful to the scope of the story. However, that was before filmmaker Cary Fukunaga dropped out of the project, and while it was unclear if that approach was carried over to the hiring of Andy Muschietti, based on how little we’ve seen of the characters as adults in social media (little as in nothing), it seems safe to assume they’ll be going forward with the two-part approach, and that they've yet to film the second half.

As such, in addition to putting together a cut of the film, they’ll need to start planning the shoot for the second half of the story. As of this writing, no release date has been set for that second film, and one has to wonder if the studio will wait to see how this film fares before moving on. After all, since they’ll no longer be visiting the kids in the next film, there’s hardly any reason to rush the process. That being said, given today’s impulsive audience, it would make more sense to release these two films as close together as possible.

What do you think of all this? Are you excited that they have this first film in the can? Let us know in the comments down below!

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SOURCES: Andy Muschietti, Barbara Muschietti (hat tip to Screen Rant)

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