A Look At Metropolis Central Library Re-Opening In 'Batman v Superman'

– by L-R

Since on set extras dropping scoops is all the rage now (re: Jena Malone/Robin), I got a cool tidbit yesterday. It's a tad spoilerish fyi. Check it.

Hi El,

I have some news regarding the BvS shoot. A couple of on set people have confirmed the occasion for the party thrown by Lex Luthor. It is the reopening of Metropolis Central Library post the battle for Metropolis. Lexcorp funded the construction because “Intellect is man’s biggest strength” which seems to be a direct shot at Superman.

Other small details tied to that scene, the movie will have an almost red carpet montage where the rich and famous are asked their views about the Superman who appeared in the public eye recently. The red carpet setup is attached, and will include both Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor being asked that question by Lois Lane and Clark Kent on the carpet.

As far as I know, only the forums know this currently and it hasn’t been revealed anywhere else. We still don’t know why Wayne and Luthor argue. Hope this helps