– by Joseph Jammer Medina

There has been buzz about a third Bad Boys film for a long while. The first film was a smash back in 1995. Then the sequel, which reunited Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, and director Michael Bay, was an even bigger hit in 2003. It was one of those rare sequels that many fans felt actually improved upon the original. So the question has lingered, When will we be seeing a Bad Boys III?

The gap between the first two films was eight years. Now it’s been 12 since Bad Boys II, and that’s just so far. Well, Smith has just dropped this tantalizing morsel for fans of that franchise.

“There’s a very, very, very strong possibility that you will be seeing a Bad Boys between the next 12 to 16 months.”

That’s what he said about the status of the film, when asked by Beats 1 Radio. That’s all he would say for the time being. But considering how long films like these take to make, the fact that he thinks we’ll possibly be seeing it within a year and a half from now must mean that the project is further along than many have realized. 

You excited about a Bad Boys III?

SOURCE: Beats 1 Radio

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