Blu-ray Giveaway: ‘The Fluffy Movie: Unity Through Laughter’

– by Gig Patta

Be prepared to laugh out loud.

Latino-Review was given a copy of Gabriel Iglesias’ “The Fluffy Movie: Unity Through Laughter” on Blu-ray for one lucky reader on our site.

In this stand-up, Iglesias talked about losing weight, getting hit at the bars, on tour in India, his relationship with his stepson and meeting with his father.

Every winner has an equal chance of winning and will be selected randomly by e-mail submissions. The winner must live in the United States and Canada to participate in these sweepstakes.

Please e-mail with your name, address, phone and e-mail by Tuesday, October 28. The winner will receive a copy of the Blu-ray directly via mail.

In the meantime, check out some clips below from his personal comedy tour.