Blu-Ray Review: ‘Neighbors’

– by Gig Patta

It’s the family man versus the fraternity.

We’ve heard these conflicts before. There are crazy fraternity parties disrupting a quiet neighborhood. In this case, a middle-aged couple is trying to raise a child next door to a fraternity who just recently moved next door. And conflicts arise over the neighborhood nuisance of parties. It’s up to Mac (Seth Rogen) and company to put a stop over the parties after the local police and college refuse to take action. On the other side, fraternity president Pete (Zac Efron) looks to wage war against the obnoxious neighbors.

The film also stars Rose Byrne, Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

The chemistry between the two main characters by Rogen and Efron prove to be well played out. Rogen always excel as the lovable geek who always devise unusual tactics that go awry. And Efron mocks himself as the good-looking jock in the fraternity who only wants to have fun. And Franco is pretty funny as Efron’s best friend and wiser member of the fraternity.

Byrne pushes herself in the comedic role as Rogen’s wife, but seems out of place for the actress. And Mintz-Plasse is barely noticeable.

Fraternity and crazy parties seem to play itself out with “Animal House” and “Project X.” There are a few funny gags in the film such as the hidden air bag scenes which one cannot get enough of.

But, the Blu-ray extra features are loaded with many gems. The main highlight will be the alternate opening sequence with the movie that explains on why the fraternity moved into the quiet neighborhood in the first place. The scene is a good fraternity party scene that is quite funny and one has to wonder on why it wasn’t in the original movie in the first place.

Other great features will be the cut scenes that didn’t make into the film and the gag reels. If you love Seth Rogen, a lot of the gag reels has him goofing off a lot with his signature infectious dorky laugh.

Other features are standard including cast interviews talking about the film and their interactions.

Overall, fans of “Neighbors” will not be disappointed in the loaded features from the Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack. “Neighbors” is available today.

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