Disney Shares Extra 'Captain America: Civil War' and 'Doctor Strange' Details at CineEurope

– by Joseph Medina

Without a doubt, Disney has some of the biggest franchises and most anticipated title for the foreseeable. Between animated films like “Zootopia,” Lucasfilm mega-franchises like “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” or their Marvel Cinematic Universe fare, they don’t have a lack of things to show off. In their CineEurope presentation in Barcelona, Disney did just that. Of course, their Marvel films made an appearance, and during the presentation, two of them were highlighted: “Captain America: Civil War,” and “Doctor Strange.”

“The name Civil War implies there are sides,” Robert Downey Jr. said of the third “Captain America” movie, which pits Steve Rogers against Tony Stark.  The film, according to one of the directors, Joe Russo, follows what happens when an action taken by the Avengers results in some major “collateral damage,” namely the loss of life. Disney also showed a video, and according to THR, it highlighted the friction between Captain America and Iron Man. This is a friction that’s pretty much been building from the get-go, and is something we even got a taste of in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

Another highly anticipated film from Marvel is “Doctor Strange.” While recent films from Marvel have been mostly sequels (save for “Guardians of the Galaxy”), the next phase in their Cinematic Universe includes a lot of character springboards…and “Doctor Strange” certainly has the fans pretty excited. While the Marvel flicks have essentially been of two different types: earth-based or cosmic-based. “Doctor Strange” could potentially open the universe up to the more supernatural side of things.

Sadly, no actual footage of the film was shown at the presentation, but considering it’s not due for well over a year, that makes perfect sense. Instead the audience was shown concept art of Benedict Cumberbatch taking on the titular role of Doctor Strange. Finally, a video message was shown from Marvel Studios overlord himself Kevin Feige, where he went on to praise Cumberbatch, stating he offered a “complicated emotional structure” to the character. You can hardly argue with the man, for while we’ve yet to see him take on the character, Cumberbatch has definitely proven his salt as a quality thespian. His nomination at the Oscars last year was no fluke, and the deep devotion of his fan base can only help bring an even wider audience to the already-mainstream Marvel universe.

Which film is your most anticipated Marvel flick of 2016? Are you more of Cap fan or Doctor Strange fan?

Source: THR

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