Check Out This Cover Letter From Before Chris Evans Was a Movie Star

– by Joseph Medina

Right now, Chris Evans is sitting pretty within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His character may very well have started out as the least popular Avenger during Phase 1, but his most recent film, CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, has gone on to be one of two standalone Marvel films to break $1 billion, the other being IRON MAN 3. Chris Evans himself may have started off as a hesitant participant in the MCU, but he has since embraced his role and become a true Hollywood movie star.

When a movie star is as recognizable as Evans is, it's easy to forget that at one point, he was your typical college student ready to begin working their way through the industry. The actor recently tweeted a photo of a cover letter he sent out to dozens of casting directors while in college.

Check out the letter below!

The actor then followed up this tweet with this:

It's truly a shame we don't have access to that headshot. But either way, whatever he did eventually worked, as the actor is now taking out Hydra agents in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which currently takes the cake as the single longest and most ambitious film universe to date.

So actors and creative types, take heart. We all have an embarrassing cover letter in our history!

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