Comic Book Review: Power Man & Iron Fist #2

– by Jeremy Scully


David Walker


Sanford Greene


Lee Loughride


VC - Clayton Cowles


Sanford Greene, Bill Sienkiewicz


Marvel Comics




Mar 16th, 2016




  • A villain now has her hands on a mystically powerful stone, and it's all Luke and Danny's fault!
  • Well, maybe it's not ALL their fault. They were tricked by an old friend, but that's little comfort to our two heroes, much less the gangster from whom they took the stone.
  • Someone phone Jessica Jones and let her know Luke's going to be late. Maybe she could binge-watch an awesome streaming super hero show?


There was a bit of worry that David Walker and Sanford Greene might not have been able to follow up the amazing first issue from last month. That maybe it was just a fun little book that would quickly lose its luster. I am happy to report that is NOT the case at all! If anything issue 2 is even more fun! We still get the playful banter of Cage and Danny going back and forth on if the “gang is back together” (they are, just keep it on the down low from Cage!) The brilliant artwork of Greene who again knocks it out of the park, and as a bonus a fun little cameo from some popular spider ladies! Walker picks up where he left off last as Tombstone is hell bent on getting back the necklace the semi dynamic duo stole in issue #1 (ok, maybe steal is a harsh term…uhh relieved is better!). Unbeknownst to the heroes for hire, they were duped by former secretary Jennie and are now being hunted by all sorts of bad guys.  Normally that’s not a problem, but things will quickly get out of hand unless they can get that necklace back a taste easier said than done judging by the final page of the book!

Power Man & Iron Fist

The Hey!: Walker and Greene just make an excellent team, topped off by the colors of Lee Loughride and there is nothing that can stop this book from being awesome! At first the humor for Iron Fist threw me off, but I am enjoying is so much that I can’t help but go along for the ride!

The Eh!: Combat still seems a little rough for Greene in this series. The action is dull but it does come off muddled and confined. We get a great shot of Cage bursting through a window with a baddie, but then a very small panel of Iron Fist delivering what should be a brutal kick to the face.

The What?!: The above mentioned panel of Luke Cage bursting through a glass window while grappling with Gorilla-Man!

Why should read this series?: It still remains a fun, well scripted series that isn’t taking itself too seriously. It can definitely be off setting to those who are very much married to a certain version of Luke Cage and Danny Rand however.

Who should you buy this book?: Because there have been so many dark, emotionally heavy stories involving these two characters it’s a nice change of pace. Get it for the art, the witty humor of Walker and because you still don’t need to have read everything in the Power Man or Iron Fists library.

Score: A

Power Man and Iron First cover
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