Comic Book Review: The Fix #2

– by Jeremy Scully
The Fix #2


Mac is injured in the line of duty and Roy seeks the help of another detective with a tough case.


While reading The Fix #2 I think the best way I could describe the characters of Mac and Roy would be the idiot savants of crime! Nick Spencer has found an amazing story here that allows these dumb crooked cops to pull off amazingly well executed plans. The kicker is that it totally works. It doesn’t feel forced or some ridiculous Dues Ex Machina to save the day- Roy’s horrible ideas just somehow turn out to be successes. I genuinely love everything about these two disgusting characters!  I’m constantly wondering what terrible idea these two are going to come up with next, knowing I can sit back and enjoy every minute of reading it.

This time around Mac gets his hand shot, a potentially great cop goes down thanks to Roy, and don’t ever play flat around Josh. To put a punctuation mark on all of these great plot points and moments is the great art by Steve Lieber. Each eye roll, each look of shame or disgust from these characters just explodes off the page thanks to Lieber’s excellent line work and amazing colors by Ryan Hill. The Fix is in! and I eagerly await to see how it all pays off!

  • The Hey!: Another stand out hit from this super creative team, as we get to enjoy more shenanigans of Mac and Roy.

  • The Eh: Not much to complain about here. The story is just superbly crafted and artwork is on point!

  • The What?!: The whole opening sequence of a wonderful day between Mac and Roy ending in, well, a painful hand.

  • Who should read this series?: Fans of Superior Foes of Spiderman or anyone who enjoys a good dark comedy. These are definitely “bad guys” but you just can’t help but like them and root for them a little.

  • Why should you buy this book?: It’s funny! And continues the story from issue 1. Unfortunately I’m not sure I’d recommend starting up the series from issue 2, this is definitely a collect the full run type of story.

Score: A-

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May 11th, 2016

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