Comic Book Review: Vampirella #1

– by Jeremy Scully


Kate Leth


Eman Casallos


Valentina Pinto


Erica Schultz


Chrissie Zullo, Jay Anacleto, Ivan Nunes, Tula Lotay, Tony Fleecs, Ming Doyle, Nicola Scott, Ivan Nunes, Jenny Frison, Sergio Davila, Ivan Nunes, Dennis Calero, Nei Ruffino


Dynamite Entertainment


$3.99 (USD)


Mar 2nd, 2016



Vampirella takes Hollywood in this new adventure of the classic demon-hunting, monster-slaying, thrill-seeking vampire queen. When her stately manor is attacked, she begins to unravel a plot as old as the silver screen, discovering what monsters really lurk in the shadows of the City of Angels.


So just like this number one issue promises a new start to Vampirella, with an all brand new costume, I too am jumping into the Vampirella world for the first time! That being said, Kate Leth develops a story that anyone can easily work their way into and not feel lost whatsoever.  Adding to the smooth introduction is the setting itself, Hollywood, California! Vampirella herself is a character that screams old school Hollywood horror and this series is set in a world where a character like her exists perfectly. In her very first outing in tinsel town Vampirella has to deal with snake people, a Hollywood agent and the trouble with trending on twitter. While Leth captures a very tongue and cheek tone with the dialogue in Issue 1, series artist Eman Casallos delivers perfectly the facial expressions and tone to accompany the story. While some pages feel a little cramped with a lot going on, Erica Schultz makes it work with the lettering and Valentina Pinto’s colors produce a muted but still visually appealing aesthetic. The Vampirella team has created a fun introduction (or reintroduction) to the character for all audiences and leaves the readers with a definite sense of wanting more.

Vampirella page

The Hey! : With some fun pacing and the introduction of a new costume, the creative team does an excellent job making this Vampirella feel unique and new.

The Eh! : Some of the pacing did feel a little off at times, and the crowded pages caused some clutter in the artwork, but nothing really deal breaking here.

The What? :  The awesome cover by Chrissie Zullo. I love it!

Who should read this series?: If you’re a fan of Vampirella, obviously. Also if you enjoy a little camp, humor and some throw backs to old school horror Hollywood. It’s a brand new series with little to no need to understand any “history” of the character.

Why should you buy this book?: It’s an excellent jumping on point being No.1 and the plot establishes early on and keeps moving.

Score: B+

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