Comic Review: SuperZero #6

– by Emmanuel Gomez
Amanda Conner with Paul Mounts (AFTERSHOCK COMICS)

Amanda Conner with Paul Mounts (AFTERSHOCK COMICS)

   In case you haven’t picked up any issues of SuperZero yet, I would like to take this moment to warn you that this review is full of spoilers from not only this issue but the past books at well. I highly recommend to go back and read the other five issues.

    Through the first four issues of this series I have been back and forth on my opinion on whether Dru was delusional or if in fact she had a sixth sense about an impending attack on earth. The fact that her experiences had been grounded in reality (besides her dreams) really kept me hooked. I was rooting for her to get super powers but at the same time wanted her to get a grip on “reality” and that super powers only exist in fictional worlds. Lucky for Dru she exists in a fictional world and by the end of this issue it seems as if she is finally granted her wish. The aliens in fact had replaced the crew and even opened one up in half to study his anatomy. They were a scout crew that was sent to learn about Earth before their invasion. Their ship had been attached to the space center and cloaked from view. With the aliens trying to keep NASA from suspecting anything, they leave Dru in their ship and return to establish communications with Earth. She makes the heroic decision to try and disrupt their plan and possibly destroy the ship knowing that more than likely it meant her death. She manages to take out one of the aliens and to maneuver the ship into re-entry to Earth and it crash lands. To our surprise she is still alive and this where this chapter ends.

   What a great way for Amanda and Jimmy to end the issue, leaving us with a huge cliff hanger which raises so many questions. What superpowers did Dru get? Are any of the aliens still alive? What is the deal with Wax? The next chapter to the story is going to be really interesting as people are going to have to deal with the shock of Dru still being alive and with possible super powers, the fact that there are aliens and that they want to invade Earth. With the creativity of Amanda and Jimmy I am sure this is going to continue to be a great book. Not to mention the solid artwork by Amanda and Rafael De LaTorre and Marcelo Maiolo’s great colors. In general the quality of books by Aftershock Comics has surprised me as I did not expect so many titles to grab my attention. This list includes SuperZero of course, Replica and Rough Riders. They will have another interesting title called Animosity by Marguerite Bennett and artwork by Rafael De La Torre as well. Without a doubt Dru has elevated her status from Zero to Hero, not only by still being alive but by her heroic unselfish actions to attempt to save Earth.

Amanda Conner with Paul Mounts (AFTERSHOCK COMICS)

Amanda Conner with Paul Mounts (AFTERSHOCK COMICS)

Publisher: Aftershock Comics

Writers: Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti

Artwork: Rafael De LaTorre

Colorist: Marcelo Maiolo

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