COMICS: What To Pick Up Today 2/17

– by Michael Connally

Sorry for the delay as I have been traveling for the past week and it was difficult to get a moment to write up this article.  Today's releases may not seem like much but their are some quality books to check out.  Here is a list of some of the books I will be picking up today at my local comic book store.

Star Wars (2015) #16

Writer: Jason Aaron
Penciller: Leinil Francis Yu


“REBEL JAIL” STARTS NOW! The Rebels travel to a prison base having taken an important captive in VADER DOWN. Unfortunately, they aren’t the only ones with their eyes on the prisoners. The adventures of Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance continue!




Art by: Sonny Liew

Cover by: Sonny Liew

Written by: Paul Levitz


Khalid’s quest for answers leads the young Doctor Fate to his ancestral homeland of Egypt, where he discovers that malevolent supernatural forces have conspired to make life a lot harder for humanity than it should be. 


Snowfall #1


Story By: Joe Harris
Art By: Martin Morazzo

Writer JOE HARRIS (The X-Files) and artist MARTÍN MORAZZO (Vertigo Quarterly), creators of GREAT PACIFIC, reunite for a brand new ongoing science-fiction series and an OVERSIZED DEBUT ISSUE featuring 32 pages of story! In the year 2045 it no longer snows following a crash that left the climate ravaged, society splintered and the newly-christened “Cooperative States of America” propped up and administered by the powerful Hazeltyne Corporation. Only one man wages an all-out weather war against the system, wielding the forces of nature themselves as weapons. He’s the White Wizard. The ghost in the night. Genius. Terrorist. Outlaw. Hero?


The Tithe #8


Story By: Matt Hawkins
Art By: Rahsan Ekedal
Art By: Phillip Sevy
Cover By: Rahsan Ekedal
Variant Cover By: Phillip Sevy

“ISLAMOPHOBIA,” Conclusion Double-sized final issue of this second arc comes to a fiery conclusion with a special guest appearance by Dr. David Loren from THINK TANK. THE TITHE WILL RETURN IN JUNE




Art by: Clay Mann

Cover by: Clay Mann

Written by: Amy Chu

Murder in the lab! As the police investigate the death of her mentor, Dr. Pamela Isley suspects poisoning! But by whom, and why? Before the cops suspect her alter ego, Poison Ivy, Pam needs to find the true murderer. Meanwhile, her DNA experiments are about to pay off!

Source: Marvel, DC Comics, Image, Titan-Comics

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