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The ongoing mystery of exactly who Supreme Leader Snoke is continues to plague Star Wars lovers. Fans were hoping to learn something, anything, about him in Episode 8 but with Rian Johnson recently confirming that Star Wars: The Last Jedi will not focus on Snoke, it looks like we will have to wait until the trilogy’s finale to put the issue to bed.

A new theory from the folks over at Screen Rant least begins to pull the curtain back, and allows Snoke to ever so slightly peek out from behind it. The information may provide an origin for Snoke, where he comes from. The First Order is believed to have originated from The Unknown Regions, an area of space that is separated from the galaxy far, far away, by of a maze of solar storms, gravity wells, and black holes. This is where Starkiller base was created, and If Snoke is from this area of space it could give clues to his identity.

The Unknown Regions were introduced in the Heir to the Empire sourcebook, a guide for the novel of the same name. Largely uncharted, it is said that Emperor Palpatine believed there to be a strong Dark Side presence in the Unknown Regions, and many think this presence could very well be Supreme Leader Snoke. Palpatine sent explorers into the region that were for the most part, unsuccessful. Grand Admiral Thrawn, who was brought into official canon with Star Wars Rebels, is a native to the region, and assisted Palpatine in the mapping of the uncharted territories.

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We know from LucasFilm creative executive, Pablo Hildalgo, that Snoke is “humanoid, but not human.” This comes from the novelization of The Force Awakens, we also know from the novel that Snoke has watched events in the galaxy play out from the shadows. Wookieepedia lists a sentient “roughly humanoid” species hailing from the Unknown Regions, and while there is no way to confirm currently, Snoke could be part of this species. The species is believed to have been in contact with Grand Admiral Thrawn, who at one time had warned Emperor Palpatine of the threats that lie in the Unknown Regions (Snoke?).

A large part of this information is from Star Wars Legends (the now non-canon media that were created before Disney purchased Lucasfilm), but Disney has the luxury to pick and choose what to make official canon. While all this speculation is fun, and let’s be honest, it’s what us fans do to pass the time between trilogy installments, it may all be for naught as it is becoming increasingly more likely that Snoke, is just Snoke, an original character with no real link to anyone we’ve seen on screen before.

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SOURCE: Screen Rant