Dances with Films 2017: Opening Night Green Carpet Interviews for D-Love

– by Gig Patta

It takes a caring stranger to change a couple’s lives.

Indie drama D-Love made its world premiere at the Dances with Films Festival in Hollywood, Calif. Last weekend.

LRM had an opportunity to interview with the cast and crew of D-Love. We caught up with director/actress Elena Beuca, writer/actor Dave Rogers and composer Billy Howerdel of A Perfect Circle.

Here’s the official synopsis for D-Love:

A couple with longstanding marital issues lands at LAX after a getaway in Europe. For a few years now, Stefania has been working a job she detests and Dan hasn’t worked at all. Their palpable strain is only made worse when a vagabond, Ditlev Dharmakaya, asks for a ride to the busiest freeway in Los Angeles. Stefania doesn’t want to have anything to do with the wanderer, but her husband Dan, much to his wife’s horror, offers to bring this total stranger to their home.

How will this affect the couple?

The director invites you on a three-day journey, seen through Stefania’s eyes, to view and discover that desired change doesn’t always come in the package that we want or expect.

Watch LRM exclusive interviews below.


Source: LRM Exclusive


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