David Ayer Responds To Reports About 'SUICIDE SQUAD' Reshoots

– by LRM

A major topic of discussion for the last week and a half has been the reshoots that are currently underway for DC's upcoming blockbuster, SUICIDE SQUAD. While an initial report on the shoots claimed that there was a studio mandate for more humor, which is what prompted a fairly extensive three week period of reshoots- a claim backed up by a fellow who works on the technical side of things- both star Jai Courtney, and now director David Ayer are denying that's the case. 

Ayer took to twitter early this morning to say this:

This jives with what Courtney said last week, that the reshoots were mainly scheduled to add more action, not more humor

Regardless of what the point of the reshoots is, one thing is certain: SUICIDE SQUAD. Looks. Awesome.

Did you catch the new trailer that premiered last night?

SOURCE: Twitter

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