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Just when we thought that Skynet had finally been shut down, the Terminators all eliminated, and a wheezing movie franchise sent to its sad, final resting place… they’re back! And if filmmaker James Cameron has anything to say about it — and you know he will — they’re going to be around for a long, long time.

Today we learned, thanks to our friends over at Skynet’s Army, that Deadpool director Tim Miller has been signed to direct the next iteration of The Terminator series (it’s sixth, apparently). Together, Cameron and Miller plan to reboot the franchise and purge all of the lesser sequels — anything after T2: Judgement Day will cease to exist (good riddance).

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The rights to the Terminator films are about to revert back to the iron grip of creator James Cameron. On Tuesday, September 19, on the Paramount Pictures studio lot, Cameron and Miller are expected to share their vision for the future of the franchise.

The official news release contains all of the details:

“Join filmmakers James Cameron and Tim Miller on the Paramount Lot for an exclusive conservation with The Hollywood Reporter’s Matt Belloni about their collaboration on the upcoming Terminator.”

We have no idea where Cameron and Miller plan to steer the next Terminator films (according to Cameron, a trilogy is planned, naturally). However, Arnold Schwarzenegger is expected to return too… hopefully in a voice-over capacity and not as a 70-year-old cyborg, but given the power of modern CG, anything’s possible.

However, in a recent interview Cameron stated that he wants to explore whose DNA was harvested to create the original T-800; he wants to know if there’s any significance to this particular DNA and who this person was. These are fair questions, but I honestly can’t say they’re very interesting to me. Frankly, these comments sound more like Cameron shooting from the hip — a thing he’s known to do — rather than anything approaching a treatment or a viable concept.

Cameron and Miller certainly have plenty of credibility on their side, let’s hope they don’t squander it on a moribund Terminator franchise that’s probably better left for dead.

Are you excited about another reboot of the recently rebooted Terminator franchise? Let us know in the comments down below!

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SOURCE: Skynet’s Army

  • claudiomario

    I called this. Direct sequel to t2. Thank god

    • Right? I guess if you’re going to reboot a franchise, you could wipe the slate entirely or choose a point in its own history where it was still viable… if the latter, clearly that’s at the end of T2.

      • claudiomario

        Steel factory beginning. How I hope.

      • Clarence Bricklyne

        Aliens was also going to undergo a similar reboot (wiping everything out after Aliens) with Blomkampf and Weaver on board until Ridley Scott spiked it when he felt it was going to compete too much with his shit-tastic Prometheus/Covenant quasi-prequels.

        In retrospect, that was an awful decision by both himself and Fox.

        • Thanks for this info. I didn’t know that about Aliens. I would have killed to see more Cameron in the Aliens franchise. Sigh.

  • oh_riginal

    I heard a theory once, and I’ve always wanted to see it somehow portrayed in the story….

    Basically, it suggests that the John Connor we know is not the savior of mankind as we’ve been lead to believe since Kyle Reese’s description in part 1.

    The reason why this is? Well, John Connor was once born, grew up, survived Judgement Day, then defeated Skynet, only to have to send a soldier back in time to save his mother when Skynet came up with a backup plan to have a Terminator assassinate her to wipe his existence out.

    Okay, we all know this already. I hear you. But the twist would be this: Sarah Connor had gotten pregnant with a baby boy, eventually to be named John Connor. Who is the father? Sure, you might say Kyle Reese, but that creates a time paradox that simply cannot be explained. Or can it?

    The basis of the theory I heard once (no idea where at this point), is that Kyle Reese is NOT the father of the man who saved humanity in the future. Yes, John Connor sent him back in time, but when that happened, Kyle Reese took it upon himself to proclaim his love for Sarah, then conceived a son with her… but originally it wasn’t him who did this!

    A different, unnamed man was originally the father. He got her pregnant, probably died on Judgement Day, and that was that. But when Kyle Reese came back, he “intercepted” and got Sarah pregnant himself, creating an entirely different baby boy, only named John Connor because that’s what Kyle told Sarah that was her baby’s name.

    So this alternate timeline John Connor ends up living his entire life trying to live up to the legend of a John Connor that now no longer exists. He is literally NOT the same person that Kyle told Sarah about.

    I think this is an awesome theory, but it might be hard to explain this in a film without a ton of exposition that grinds the film to a halt.

    So, with that in mind, if this idea were not to be used, all I really want to see is an entire film about Kyle Reese doing a “men-on-a-mission” story to defeat Skynet once and for all, ending with the T-800 being sent back in time, with Kyle having to follow him. Basically, the beginning of Terminator: Genisys, expanded to an entire movie, but WAY better.

    • Wow, that’s a premise I haven’t heard before, and it’s kind of logical. I’d definitely watch that film. You could also raise the theory that the original T-800 is using John Conner’s DNA — that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 is actually Sarah Conner’s son (well, just the human parts, obviously); in this scenario, Reese would have known this, but chose to keep it a secret, which died with him.

      • oh_riginal

        It’s definitely a premise that would explain the paradox and also be an original take on the franchise, rather than repeating what the first three films did, which all had basically the same story with slight differences between them. Salvation was bland, and Genisys was very confused about what it wanted to be I think.

        But if not, then just a future war movie that carries the tone and look of T1 and T2’s future scenes, showing John Connor finally win, and leads right into the first movie, that would be enough for me. It wouldn’t step on T2’s toes of having a perfectly neat bowtie of an ending, and could still be considered the “last” film in the story, since this future movie would be a prequel to the first movie.

        • You make a great point, the worst thing would be remaking or repeating the same damned beats, plots, and narrative of the earlier films. I’m still angry at The Force Awakens for essentially remaking A New Hope instead of telling a new friggin’ story.

          And yeah, I would love a really gritty infantry-level take on the war against Skynet, as shown in flashbacks during the first film. That would be right in Cameron’s wheelhouse (see: Aliens).

    • Duck O’Death

      Like this a lot and it solves a lot of the time paradox issues. Only issue is that Terminator 1 & 2 initially closed the loop on the story. So far no one has really done a sequel that doesn’t makes T2 feel like it was just a practice run for John Connor and it’s way too strong a film for that. Meaning all the learning/growing/sacrifice the characters went through in T2 their choices were only rewarded by having to face the same situation again and again.. like an uneven arc. I still like your theory, in that this was never the same John Connor but through faith/positivity/spirit etc etc he still becomes the same badass – which is a great human parable and could answer the man vs machine riddle. No idea what direction they’ll take but if it takes place after T2 it’s tough to justify the same thing happening again while still valuing the T2 events…. and especially not make Miles Dysons’s already sh!tty end be totally wasted 🙂

      • oh_riginal

        Well, thinking back on the theory again, in regards to T2, one could say that the “new” John Connor actually outdoes the original John Connor, by thwarting Skynet before it can even begin, making him a bigger (if very unsung since no one would really know in history) hero, since he prevented the war, rather than won it.

        • Duck O’Death

          Which makes me think Cameron is finished with the John Connor character. Have forgotten what Cameron has said about his ideas for the new ones, partly because he’s been flighty on Terminator over the years. Am basing that on all his strange endorsements of the various sequels. No Terminator sequel will ever be as good as a Cameron-directed one but this may be the best we’ll ever get.

  • Victor Roa
  • Clarence Bricklyne

    Is Arnie going to be a part of this?

    Also, can we get a similar style reboot of the Alien franchise post-Aliens but leave Ridley out of it completely? (and YES to a return of Weaver and Beihn.
    Wouldn’t mind a grown-up, bad-assified Newt either.)

    EDIT : Okay I see, he’s expected to play a role.
    Never mind.

  • Tonk99

    From producer James Cameron: Terminator 2.5 coming to a theatre near you Summer 2057.

  • Lenin1959

    I liked T3 quite a bit but I knew that James Cameron will work only with his own stuff. There is only one director and producer that James Cameron rates: i.e. James Cameron!
    Good luck with reviving the franchise. T5 was pretty clever but suffered from bad casting and directing. Let’s see what JC can do with the Terminator universe.

  • SeanDon

    What if the movie takes place 5ish yrs or so after Skynet has wiped out a lot of mankind and first generation Terminators are roaming about. Feeling that his “prophecy” to stop Skynet has failed and he’s not the chosen leader to save mankind, John Connor has gone into hiding (almost Mad Max style character). While in hiding he is pulled back into the action, during that time he gains renewed confidence that he can be the leader the resistance needs (not in a Neo “chosen one” way, but just as a great fighter/leader) and begins to unite the rebels to begin their fight against Skynet.

    Are there lots of generic plot pieces there? Yes. But it would give us a look at an era of the war we haven’t seen yet. As well as give us a look at a man struggling with the choice between personal survival and sacrificing himself for a greater cause.

  • merijn

    I called this. Direct sequel to t2. Thank god

  • Kindofabigdeal

    Terminator: Tribulation
    We find that John is a normal adult who grew up with his mom after the events of T2. He then sees something on TV about a man/machine who caused destruction on the other side of the country trying to kill a woman. He consults his mother who assures him that it wasn’t a terminator. Not convinced he goes on a road trip to investigate. Upon getting there he fakes credentials of a doctor and interviews the girl. She says that her father came back in time to protect her because she was to lead a human resistance that’s supposed to happen in the near future. He died protecting her and the machine is still out there. The police precinct is attacked like T1, except the police are not militarized and take him out with John’s help. The news goes viral and Sara is like “shit”.
    Rumors of her story circulate because of a blog she kept talking about what her father told her. The government, who has been having trouble controlling a rogue AI, tries to discredit her and cover it up. Sara shows up and rescues John and girl and they go on the run.
    In a shelter John attempts to seek out Skynet who is presumed hiding in the deep web. He has a conversation which states that there is an Infinite Skynet who has transcended space and time. It has already won one battle against the humans and has unlimited resources and terminators. It is now sending them across different timelines to make all variations of history into one singularity. It then sends a terminator after them. Sara, John, and new girl barely kill it, with Sara sacrificing her life, and telling John to never stop fighting.
    John and new girl hit the road. End credits.

  • Ah ha!

    It needs a full reboot. Anything taking place after t2 runs into the same problems the others did. Judgement Day was 1997.

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