– by Joseph Jammer Medina

A few weeks back, there were rumors surrounding the potential acquisition of 21st Century Fox by Disney. According to the buzz then, the House of Mouse was looking to basically snatch up all the non-sports and non-news assets from the entertainment company. This would pretty much leave Fox to focus on its unscripted content of sports and news.

However, talks had reportedly dried up a couple weeks prior to reporting, and despite the occasional talk here and there surrounding the potential around this idea, things quickly died down.

Now, Deadline writer Mike FlemingJr. is speculating that this radio silence from both signs may be an indication of the imminent acquisition? He points to the past as evidence. Back when Disney acquired Marvel and Lucasfilm, there was a similar “cone of silence” surrounding the deals, and as such, it wouldn’t be ridiculous to think this deal could still go through. And it does make sense. After all, why would either company be speaking about this deal when the ink’s not even dry?

Of course, the main way this affects us has to do with the potential surrounding the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Could this open the doors for the X-Men to join the rest of the Marvel characters in their films? We’ll have to wait and see.

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SOURCE: Deadline

  • Victor Roa

    I worry for Simpsons, the amount of money they get to do sound clips on toys is amazing. But outside of Xmen people forget like Walking Dead, How I met your Mother, This is Us, there is a lot of shows thats not on Fox channels and a lot of companies were fired after Disney bought Marvel and Lucasfilms…… I kinda bet my money that maybe it’s for the streaming service, better to have New Girl or House than random Disney channel pre teen that makes adults cringe when they are gossip shows.

  • jonathing

    come on you beauty poppa needs decent fantastic four movie

  • Gmoney

    Their news is also scripted.

  • oh_riginal

    A few months ago didn’t Stan Lee state that Marvel WOULD get all their franchises back eventually?

    Maybe he knew something we didn’t….

  • Mad Barchetta

    Let’s say it happens. I wonder if this might be only scenario in which Huge Jackman would consider one final reprise of Logan, just to be able to be part of the Avengers. I lean towards “No” but I think he’s made comments in the past that suggest it would be a strong temptation for him. Also, I have to think Marvel might prefer to just recast, since they would want to have the character around for several movies.

    Fun to think about though.

    • M@rvel

      Yeah I don’t need Hugh Jackman Wolverine in the MCU. Marvel would probably go for the classic costume look anyways.

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