Do Millar and Gibbons Think There'll Be More 'Kingsman' On The Way?

– by LRM

With the early buzz on Kingsman: The Secret Service being so positive, it's no surprise that people are all ready talking about a sequel. In past interviews, director Matthew Vaughn has said that his goal was to create a sort of James Bond film that had the fun and flare of the older 007 adventures, and it looks like he succeeded in doing just that. So do the writers of the book on which this first film is based think they can crank out ideas for a continuation, truly turning this into an alternative to the Bond franchise?

Unsurprisingly, yes!

Mark Millar is no stranger to Hollywood, having had films like Wanted and Kick-Ass adapted from his works. His Kingsman writing partner, Dave Gibbons, has also had his brushes with Hollywood, having written for several TV series and being part of Zack Snyder's creative team on Watchmen. Millar and Gibbons were asked on the red carpet about whether or not they see the possibility of a Kingsman sequel. 

Here are their comments on the matter:

So while the duo sounds cautiously optimistic, it does seem that they'd be happy to create further adventures for their protagonists if the people demand it. This means it's up to you, the people, to vote with your almighty dollar! 

Kingsman: The Secret Service comes out this Friday.

SOURCE: Red Carpet News TV

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