EXCLUSIVE: A New Director Contender Emerges For 'Aquaman'

– by L-R

It looks like Entourage wasn't that far off when it came to Aquaman.

The aquatic hero with the power to talk to fish is being portrayed by Jason Momoa for a rumored four-picture deal. We're hearing Warner Brothers is gearing up the 2018 solo outing for the hero and is ready to introduce the character to the public in a way that we won't make fun of him. If Marvel can do it for Groot, why not WB for Aquaman?

Currently there are two scripts in the running (as we've seen previously in WB/DC land, multiple scripts go at once) and both are BIG in the budgetary department, putting the Aquaman film more into a world-building spectacle blockbuster like Avatar (see the Entourage connection?). The Aquaman character is going to see a hard push in the media after he's introduced in the DC Cinematic Universe to prepare general audiences for the crazy world of the Justice League member.

WB is waiting patiently for Star Trek 3 to go into production and finish because they'd like to have Karl Urban step into Aquaman in an unspecified supporting role, possibly the villain. Urban and WB have had a good relationship in the past with Urban almost becoming a Batman, and for TV, WB producing Urban-starring Almost Human with Bad Robot for Fox.

Who will direct the trip to the REAL land down under (the water?). Last we heard was that Jeff Nichols, last seen in cinemas with the lyrical MUD with Matthew McConaughey was on the list, and NOW sources tell me that Noam Murro impressed Warner Bros. enough with 300: Rise of an Empire to also be on the list.

Makes sense since Zack Snyder produced both 300 films.

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