Exclusive: Dark/Web Banner Hits For Anthology Segment 'Zero'!

– by Joseph Medina

The twisted world of Dark/Web is slowly approaching. If you’ve ever needed a reason to fear the world the internet, this upcoming series is sure to give you one. With its healthy combination of both serialized and anthological storytelling, Dark/Web seems poised to scratch an itch that a lot of consumers are having.

If you’re unfamiliar with the digital series, here’s the official synopsis:

"When Ethan (Elerding), Sam (McKissack) and James (Nardelli) find themselves the target of cryptic emails from someone posing as their childhood friend Molly (Gonzales), they assume she’s been the victim of an all-too-common hack. After they reach out to alert her, however, they discover that Molly’s been missing for months and no one has any idea what happened to her.
As the emails keep coming, each containing a tale written by Molly, her friends realize that this may be more than just a sick joke. Someone has hidden information in the stories, details pulled from real life that point them to people and places from Molly’s past; clues that may lead them to their missing friend."

In addition to the killer premise, each episode consists of a standalone anthology segment woven into its narrative. Today, we have some news involving one of those segments: "Zero."

LRM has an exclusive banner for the segment, courtesy of Tim Nardelli, one of the executive producers over at Dark/Web!


"Zero" emphasizes the importance of silence in horrific situations. The official synopsis is below!

"Trapped in a quarantined hospital with dozens of rabid, infected subjects, a CDC researcher and a soldier sent in to get her out must try to escape with their hazmat suits and their lives intact. But with the disease-blinded infected now able to echolocate, can they escape without making a sound?"

"Zero" stars Zelda Williams, Gabriel Luna, Hanna Marks, Shannon Collins, and John Milhiser. It is written and directed by Zelda Williams, produced by Michael Nardelli, Tim Nardelli, Mario Miscione, Zelda Williams, and Joshua Thurston, and is shot by Lars Lindstrom.

If you'd like some extra insight into the minds of the executive producers of Dark/Web, we highly recommend that you listen to our extensive podcast where we sit down and talk about the deep web, technology, and everything in between. 

Dark/Web is set to hit LRM later this year!

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SOURCE: Tim Nardelli

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