Exclusive: Doug Jones Updates on ‘Crimson Peak,’ ‘The Strain,’ ‘Marble Hornets’ and More!

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One of our favorite creature actors is still keeping busy.

Doug Jones gave us an exclusive phone interview to talk about his upcoming sci-fi project called “Space Command” before San Diego Comic-Con International next week. During our conversation, he gave us a slew of updates and clarifications on the rumors out there.

The full interview with details on “Space Command” and “Falling Skies” will be published later this week.

For now, we have certain updates and details on “Crimson Peak,” and “The Strain.” He also clarifies on rumors for “The Haunted Mansion,” “Frankenstein,” “Hellboy 3,” and “Marble Hornets.”

Scroll down to read on the stuff he exclusively updated with Latino-Review.com word for word.

On “Crimson Peak”

Legendary Pictures just announced a Comic-Con panel this week for this Guillermo del Toro horror movie. A few details are revealed for the movie and Jones’ role is stills secretive. The film also stars Tom Hiddleston, Charlie Hunnam, Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska.

“For ‘Crimson Peak,’ bless his heart, [Guillermo del Toro] came looking for me. It is a haunted house story. It’s a glorious movie visually. It’s a classic haunted house tale that he came up with and very much will have his thumbprint on it. The movie is very del Toro in its visuals and style. Yet, it’s a genre in a time period and look that he has not done before. I’m glad that he has diversified like he has in the past few years.

“With a young wonderful cast with Tom Hiddleston, Charlie Hannum, Jessica Chastain and with the lovely Mia Wasikowska—she’s the one storyline you’ll follow. So she’s growing up from a little girl to a young adulthood and then lured by romance to marry and with a new life in England on where she will be living in a haunted mansion.

“So the haunted mansion is another character in the story. What’s haunting it? What’s the backstory of it? That’s what keeping it as a secret for the time being.

“I was working on the film for about three weeks. I play a couple of different characters in a couple of key scenes that will make you go, “Oooooo!” So when I was wrapping up my time there for ‘Crimson Peak,’ I asked Guillermo, “What do I say to people when they ask about this movie?” In true Guillermo style, he said, ‘Tell them it’s a haunted house story! And then ask them what they f-ing think you’re going to play.’

“So what the f-ing do you think I’m going to play? That’s the question. Blessed his heart, I always say he’s trilingual. He speaks English, Spanish and the f-word fluently.”

On FX’s “The Strain”

The “The Strain” just made its cable television premiere this week on FX, which is created by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. It’s based off their novel trilogy and comic book about a vampiric virus that infects the population. The television series stars Corey Stoll, David Bradley, Kevin Durand, Mia Maestro and Jonathan Hyde. Jones revealed more details about his cameo in the series and his hope to be expanded in seasons to come.

“’The Strain’ is a different story for me personally. It’s developing his book series with Chuck Hogan into a TV series. I think it’s a beautiful transition. I watched the season opening and went ‘Woooowww!’ It just smacks of del Toro, doesn’t it? I love every minute of it.

“Originally, he contacted me about being in the pilot and reading a character that would be carried through the entire series. That was the most yummy offer ever, but unfortunately it came in when I’m already committed to ‘Falling Skies’ and in the middle of a three-year contract with them. For the first time in my life, I have two delicious offers during the same time slot.

“I couldn’t do the pilot, because I could commit to the character to carry for many episodes after that. As I’ve finished up season four of ‘Falling Skies’ in Vancouver, ‘The Strain’ was still in production cause it had a longer season than ‘Falling Skies’ with more episodes. They held a role for me for the season finale. When season one is done, sometime in September or October, you’ll be able to see me in a guest cameo role in a visually stunning moment and you’ll go ‘ahhh!’ We’re going to see more of him and his kind in future episodes. That’s, of course, being a season finale—they’ll leave you dangling on that one.”

“And here’s the hope. Now that character is introduced, hopefully I can come back and finish it up.” [Laughter]

On “The Haunted Mansion”

Guillermo del Toro is also signed on to direct Disney’s “The Haunted Mansion.” During the Reddit Ama earlier this week, del Toro revealed that they have developed “maquettes of the Hat Box Ghost, over the body and face of Doug Jones.” This was certainly a surprise and news to Jones.

“I’ve heard that the same you did. [Laughter] I just read this article last night as a matter of fact. People were getting a hold of me on Facebook and Twitter saying, “Did you hear about this!?!” It’s based on Guillermo’s Reddit Ama he just did. People were asking about ‘The Haunted Mansion’ and what’s the status of that?

“It’s redundant to say he’s been going to Disneyland and the attraction to get more inspiration. It’s more of a writing issue right now to hammer out the best story they can for the screen. He let it slip out that he already done a makeup design on my head and body.

“And he mentioned me by name. I went ‘Oh. Oh? Oh!’ No one told me anything about it yet. So I’ve read about it on the Internet and that’s where you’re supposed to find out all of your news. It was a makeup design for the Hatbox Ghost. I’ve been hearing for years from fans out there. They said, 'If they ever make ‘The Haunted Mansion’ movie, I hope you play the Hatbox Ghost.’ It looks like if it’s up to Guillermo, that dream will come true.”

On “Frankenstein”

Years ago, del Toro and Jones discussed about making a “Frankenstein” movie. In several interviews, Jones even talked about the special effects mold done. Since then, there’s no word on this creature project as del Toro and Jones moved on to other projects recently. Jones updated briefly on the possibilities of this movie.

“That’s been in development since 2008? I asked him about that a couple of years ago. I asked, ‘Guillermo, what am I going to tell people about ‘Frankenstein’ since we’ve been talking about it for years?’ So his answer is, ‘Tell them, I’m a lazy fuck!’ [Laughter] I can’t say that in interviews and I just told you. He followed up by telling me that he did turn in a synopsis of the story to the powers that be at Universal Pictures and they loved the ideas he had come up with. They loved that he will be keeping it with Mary Shelly’s ‘Frankenstein’ book that he wanted to stay close to.

“I’m just guessing the amount of pressure he may fall under. Being the genius filmmaker he is, for him to report he may make his own ‘Frankenstein’ movie and on what the public reaction will be. ‘Oh, my gosh. Of course! That’s perfect!! That will make a brilliant movie!” Right? That’s all he’s been hearing for the last five or six years. I think that’ll put a certain amount of undue pressure on him. I don’t know on how he’s going to sit down when people are going off on “Have you written it yet? It’ll be great!” [Laughter] I don’t envy him on that kind of pressure.”

On “Hellboy 3”

After denial and with more denials, del Toro reiterated this week that there will be no “Hellboy 3” in the horizon. But, it’s still fun to speculate and Jones, who played Abe Sapien, even weighed on this never-ending rumor and desire for another movie.

“That’s a good question. First of all, Guillermo, Ron Perlman, Selma Blair and myself would just love to do a ‘Hellboy 3’ and finish up that trilogy. That’s what we all want. I would love to reprise Abe Sapien for you so much. Ron will tell you that Hellboy is the character he connected the most out of all the characters he had played. We all wanted to come back.

“In the past, Guillermo had a limited budget on Hellboy 1 and 2. He made huge studio blockbuster movies. Sony Pictures did the first and Universal Pictures did the second film. It’s risky now and they would rather put $150 million into franchises that bound to be hits. Hellboy was more of ‘Well, we don’t know.’ I don’t think they gave it a designated good look.

“For Hellboy 3, as much as he wants to do it, I think he’s holding firm for a $150 million budget. There’s not a studio in town that would not give us that much money and with a track record of the movie has done so far. It’s done well, but it’s [still a risk] to put that much money into it. I don’t know. My guess is that they’re just being gun shy over sheer money. Guillermo is holding his ground on how much he wants and the studios are holding their ground on how much they want to spend. So in the meantime, everyone is holding their ground that they’re not making a movie yet.”

On “Marble Hornets”

And finally, there was a rumor that Jones was playing Slenderman in a film. Jones corrected that he is playing The Operator, a character from the upcoming “Marble Hornets.” The character is based off the Slenderman meme. However, due to recent events of a 12-year-old girl being stabbed 19 times by two classmates in Wisconsin and later a 13-year-old Ohio girl stabs her mother—“Marble Hornets” may be delayed until the negative publicity passes over.

“I am not playing Slenderman, the trademark. The movie was not given permission to use the actual name even though the Slenderman creator did give his blessing to use the imagery. The movie is really based on the “Marble Hornets” web series. The creators of the web series will tell you the character is called The Operator was inspired by Slenderman. But, he has a different backstory and folklore.

“I end up playing The Operator in their version of the movie called, ‘The Operator.’ The movie has already been shot. We were supposed to do some pickup shots this summer. It’s been postponed now, largely because of news stories about young girls that have done despicable acts in the name of Slenderman.

“We are not Slenderman. I do not play Slenderman. I think people have associated closely enough that The Operator is Slenderman. I think they’re holding to let everything cool off before they move forward with the movie. It’s on its way. It’s coming, but it won’t be opening in October like they hoped.”

The full interview with Doug Jones will be published later this week coinciding with San Diego Comic-Con International coverage.

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