Exclusive Interview with Ken Kirzinger for ‘Joy Ride 3’

– by Gig Patta

Rusty Nail is back in “Joy Ride 3” And you see more of the serial killer in this movie.

Latino-Review had an exclusive phone interview with actor/stuntsman Ken Kirzinger, who played Rusty Nail in this next installment from the franchise.

In more of a horror version, Rusty Nail stalked a bunch of street racers on a lone stretch of highway. This movie is filled with tons of bloody and gory scenes.

We managed to discuss about him playing the character that many cult fans adore in the “Joy Ride” series. We also discussed about the action sequences performed in the film.

“Joy Ride 3” is currently available on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download.

Read the full interview transcript below.

Latino-Review: How does it feel to part of this franchise for “Joy Ride?”

Ken Kirzinger: It’s a lot of fun. I had a good time working on the show. If they ever ask me to come back—I would love to play Rusty Nail again. I think there are a lot of places you can go with this character and really build him up. I really enjoy being part of it.

Latino-Review: How is “Joy Ride 3” different from the previous two movies?

Ken Kirzinger: I think it differs more cause it delves into more of the horror genre and less of the suspense. It’s a lot less of a thriller and more of a horror. [Part] one is definitely a thriller. [Part] two was a thriller with some horror elements. But this version is definitely more like a horror movie.

Latino-Review: What’s so special about Rusty Nail that people like him so much?

Ken Kirzinger: I think it has to do a lot with the mystery surrounding the character. We don’t know what his backstory is. I tried to make one up myself to help develop the character. People want to know more about the mystery of this character. Where did he come from? Why is he the way he is? I think that’s it.

Latino-Review: For “Joy Ride 3,” they finally put sort of a face to Rusty Nail. And it’s your face. How does it feel it’s you?

Ken Kirzinger: [Laughter] I’m honored that it is me. I don’t think you see my whole face in this [film]. I do appreciate and definitely getting my face on screen.

Latino-Review: You’ve been a stuntman for several movies previously. Did you do a lot of your own stunts for this film?

Ken Kirzinger: The only thing I was doubled for was the car hit. And I didn’t do any of the truck driving. It was all Rick Skene and his team. I did do the fighting though.

Latino-Review: Oh? You didn’t get to drive the truck at all?

Ken Kirzinger: I did get to drive the truck into the motel. But, that’s the only time that I had to drive it. When I did my dialogue, we were mostly standing still. I don’t really have the license to drive with [vehicle]. They did take me out and learned on how to drive it. I didn’t have to drive a whole lot.

Latino-Review: There are a lot of gory scenes in this movie. Did you get to watch a lot of the special effects on how they handled that?

Ken Kirzinger: I did. I was on set for most of that stuff. By having a long history with horror, I’ve seen these kind of things before. They’re all fun stuff. Like I said before, this film is much more of a horror than the previous two “Joy Ride” movies. That is the direction they want to go with this.

It’s always fun to watch. Sometimes it doesn’t quite work out the first time. So there’s always sort of a little suspense watching things in action. And when it finally comes off, you’re happy with it and it’s great.

Latino-Review: Are you personally a big horror fan yourself?

Ken Kirzinger: When I was younger, I was a huge horror fan. As I got older, I was more interested into other things. I was one of the kids who would sneak out of bed after my parents go to sleep. I would turn on the TV after 11 o’clock to watch Chiller Thriller Theater. And I would sit two inches from the screen so I could hear on what’s going on. So I love that stuff growing up.

Latino-Review: Like you said before, you want to reappear as Rusty Nail again in another “Joy Ride” movie?

Ken Kirzinger: I think that will be terrific. You have to give the fans more information about the character. I know that in the horror genres—it’s a lot about the kills and on how people die. The fans are definitely looking for that. But they are also looking for a good story. You need to have that arc and character development in each movie. You can’t just be Rusty going around killing people and not to give the audience anything more than that.

I would love to grow this character and see where it goes.

Latino-Review: How was it working with director Declan O’Brien on this project? I know he worked a lot on the “Wrong Turn” movies.

Ken Kirzinger: Yeah, we sort of had something in common. I did “Wrong Turn 2” and he directed three of the sequels after that. Declan is a hard worker, man. That guy really is passionate about doing the best he can in the situation that he got. When the hiccups just came along, he jumped right in and fixed things. He was a really great director to work with.  He and I really clicked so it was really nic.

Latino-Review: Just out of curiosity, do you enjoy doing stunts or acting more?

Ken Kizinger: Definitely acting more. I haven’t been doing major stunts for the last five years. But, with that said, I’m working now on a movie called “Blackburn.” It’s for a friend of mine, Lauro Chartrand, who was a stunt guy and now directing.

So I am doing a burn for him this month and I play a character in the movie called Digits. [Laughter] I don’t really know if I could get all the stuff out of my blood. I definitely enjoy doing more acting these days.

I’ll be wrapping “Blackburn” by the end of this month. And I’ll have a fun summer vacation.

Latino-Review: Perfect. Thanks for the conversation with me, Ken. Wish you good luck with the movie this week.

Ken Kirzinger: Thank you so much and nice talking with you.

“Joy Ride 3” is out on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download this week.

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