Exclusive Interview with the Cast for The Nerdist’s ‘The Hive’

– by Gig Patta

Beware of the hive.

In a tradition horror format, “The Hive” is a horror story that takes place at a campground before the apocalypse from a mysterious virulent being.

The film is a zombie-like horror film that meets “Memento” in the sense that a young man inside a cabin is trying to piece together his memories in order to save the love his life after a strange virus took over his body.

The film stars Gabriel Basso, Talitha Bateman, Jacob Zachar and Gabrielle Walsh. It is directed by David Yarovesky.

“The Hive” is available on iTunes and other downloadable or streaming platforms today. It will be available On Demand on October 12.

Check out the interview below.

Source: Latino-Revie

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