EXCLUSIVE: Marvel's 'Ant-Man' Gets New Writers!

– by L-R

Sources tell me that writing duo Gabriel Ferrari and Andrew Barrer have come aboard Marvel's Ant-Man to rewrite the script last revised by Adam McKay.

Now before you go thinking this movie is turning into a trainwreck, Ferrari and Barrer were hired as production writers meaning they will stick around the Atlanta set for the next few months doing production revisions. Hiring new writers during a movie's production is quite a common practice in Hollywood. Now whether Ferrari and Barrer get any screen credit is up to the Writer's Guild arbitration committee.

Ferrari and Barrer are best known for breaking into the business out of NYU with their hot 2010 Black List script Die In A Gunfight. The writing duo also did a draft of Sabrina The Teenage Witch for Sony. I hear their Sabrina draft is what impressed Marvel to offer the writers the Ant-Man gig.

Stay tuned as more develops as we are now two weeks away from Comic Con! Hope to see many of you there!