EXCLUSIVE: Scott Eastwood To Cameo As Steve Trevor In 'Suicide Squad'

– by L-R

News broke over the weekend that Scott Eastwood and Raymond Olubowale have joined the cast of Suicide Squad. Their roles were unspecified until NOW!

For starters, Olubowale is in fact playing duel roles. Sources tell me he's doing motion capture for the character of KING SHARK in the movie AND playing a minor part as part of Amanda Waller's security. Here is the kicker though: Scott Eastwood is going to cameo as Steve Trevor in the film! To hardcore Dc fanboys, Steve Trevor is best known as the primary love interest of Wonder Woman!

Since Suicide Squad is leaning heavy on the influence of the New 52, here is Wiki had to say about Trevor...

In a conversation between Steve Trevor and Amanda Waller five years ago, Steve tries to convince Waller that Diana and the Amazons are not a threat to global security, as they are benevolent. Steve then becomes the U.S. government’s liaison to Diana during her stay in Washington, D.C. and later becomes the head of the newly formed A.R.G.U.S., (Advanced Research Group for Uniting Super-Humans), as well as the UN’s liaison to the newly formed Justice League. Promoted to the rank of Colonel, his assistant is Etta Candy and he has made his feelings and attraction to Wonder Woman clear to her, although his feelings weren’t been reciprocated.

Looks like Wonder Woman's love interest has finally been found! Steve Trevor's casting was supposed to be kept under wraps but that's why I'm the big game hunter. Makes me wonder if we are going to get A.R.G.U.S as well in both Wonder Woman & Justice League. Very exciting news indeed. Eastwood was originally shortlisted for Rick Flagg but bagged Trevor instead. Eastwood has worked with David Ayer previously on Fury.

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