EXCLUSIVE! Star Wars Episode VII's Villains Revealed!

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UPDATE! Down at the bottom of the page is a new image the ballers at IndieRevolver has of the villain I'm about to spoil for you below. Way at the bottom. Don't go there if you don't want to see it.

No one suspects the Spanish...er...Latino Review Inquisition!

Today instead of just a single, long S7ARWARS(.com) column post, we're going to be making our own little trilogy of posts.

First, we cleared up the Stormtrooper situation. Now, we'll reveal something about Episode VII that made my jaw literally drop when I heard it, and this evening,I'll drop a normal ramble-filled column about how EVERYTHING FITS TOGETHER NOW.

Ok? Let's have some fun. SPOILERS ahead, all day.

To catch you up on what we think we know about Episode VII’s plot thus far: Luke’s lightsaber (and maybe hand but probably not) crash lands on a planet leading Daisy Ridley and John Boyega on a search for Luke, which leads them to Han and Chewie, who aren’t in the Millennium Falcon because Oscar Isaacs has it. The party is looking for Luke who has been MIA since Jedi. But Luke isn’t hiding, Luke is a captive.

Let’s push our understanding past the first act and into the second act of the story.

What we’ve been circling around are the villains of the piece, occasionally coming up with buzzing from the set about bounty hunters or “Sith Witches,” and those aren’t entirely inaccurate, but the truth is much more…


This guy's probably dead, but he's the only IN CANON Inquisitor we know about.

This guy's probably dead, but he's the only IN CANON Inquisitor we know about.

The Inquisitors are the villains of Star Wars: Episode VII and the name of the main villain in Star Wars: Rebels. They seem to be loosly based on the now-deleted Expanded Universe Inquistors (Click here for that background) mixed with the hardended Sith look of Rebels' villain. The Inquisitors are defenders of the Sith Order and they’ve been around for a long time. Just how long is what turns Episode VII’s story on it’s head.

Carrie Fisher and Billie Lourd

Carrie Fisher and Billie Lourd




When our hero(es) find Luke and the Inquisitors are revealed, Luke’s explanation on the history of this order is going to trigger a flashback to explain that the Inquisitors have been tied into the Sith all along.

Remember when we broke Billie Lourd’s casting (Lourd is the biological daughter of Carrie Fisher)? That’s not so she can play a Solo kid, it’s so she can play a much younger Princess Leia than we’ve ever seen before in this flashback.


I make myself laugh, like, all the time. 

But, a young Princess Leia is not all this flashback reveals...

The Inquisitors will be seen serving Darth Vader in flashback.

Yes, Darth Vader will be on screen, briefly, in Star Wars: Episode VII. We’re not done with the dark prince of the Sith quite yet.

That’s all for now, but it’s now exceedingly clear that the Sequel Trilogy requires a retroactive continuity adjustment to the other two trilogies and Rebels is going to end up being much, much more important than we anticipated.

More on Rebels and the big picture this evening for your normally scheduled S7AR WARS column!


I hear, but cannot confirm, that some layoffs in the production run might be causing some of these unexpected leaks of actual content to hit the net. If you've already been fired, you can't be fired again, I guess? Either way, IndieRevolver seems to be tapped into these people, because they have a concept art photo of the "Sith Inquisitor," a half cyborg nightmare creature, looking at the broken helmet of Darth Vader.

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