EXCLUSIVE: The Real Reason For Tom Hardy's Exit From 'Suicide Squad'

– by L-R

Superhero projects are big business, and big business is primarily about a product. When Warner Bros. announced David Ayer was going to direct Suicide Squad for the company's first non-Superman entry into their DC Comics Cinematic Universe, the studio knew it had to be competitive in an environment where big movie stars want in on the superhero game and cast the film accordingly.

Heavy hitters Will Smith and Jared Leto joined respected Tom Hardy, Margo Robbie and simply-present Jai Courtney. At the time these actors signed on, they were NOT given a script for Suicide Squad.

Now, we've learned why Tom Hardy has dropped out of the project. According to sources, He simply didn't like the script he was finally given, he didn't like the drastic change to the character. Like we figured, the scheduling conflict is a cover story, so he left the project under amicable terms.

The rumor is the latest draft of Suicide Squad has upped the screen time of Deadshot and The Joker at the expense of the lesser-villains in the movie like Rick Flagg. This also may have contributed to Hardy's exit. 

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