Exclusive Trailer: ‘The Answer’

– by Gig Patta

With so many questions, there’s finally an answer.

In this sci-fi thriller from director Iqbal Ahmed, the sci-fi indie follows an introvert who mainly keeps to himself, but had to piece together clues left behind his dead parents after an attack from mysterious pursuers.

The film stars Austin Hebert, Alexis Carra, David S. Lee, Adam Shapiro and Mark Deklin.

Here’s the full synopsis:

BRIDD lives a boring life by choice.  He possesses exceptional abilities but, surprisingly, he hides them from the world.  He lives under the radar, works a dead-end job, meticulously obeys the law, and has no personal connections.  But things change quickly.

One day he receives a mysterious package from his mother who died twenty years prior.  Inside he finds a note from her along with a futuristic device which will supposedly “explain everything” about why he is like he is, but he cannot turn on the gadget.  That night, he and his feisty co-worker, CHARLOTTE, return to his ransacked house and find their boss murdered on the floor.  Out of the shadows, masked men in strange uniforms suddenly attack.  Bridd and Charlotte barely escape.

He has been framed for murder and Bridd realizes he cannot go to the authorities.  He has no idea who is after him or why?  To clear his name, he and Charlotte follow clues left by his dead parents, starting with the device.  As Bridd unlocks each impossible clue along the journey, he and Charlotte grow closer.  Bridd unravels the terrifying plans of the uniformed men and discovers the shocking truth about himself:  he is special.  The last thing he ever wanted.

“The Answer” will make its world premiere at the Imagine Film Festival in Amsterdam. The festival runs from April 8-18th.

Check out the exclusive trailer below.

Source: Latino-Review.com

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