F. Javier Gutierrez to Direct ‘The Ring 3’

– by Gig Patta

In the age of digital downloads and YouTube, no one should be afraid of a cursed video tape. Not even sure if anyone still owns a VHS player.

Paramount hired “The Crow” reboot director F. Javier Guiterrez to helm the third movie for the “The Ring” series. The first two films starred Naomi Watts and with the latest movie grossing over $161 million back in 2005.

The original story is based off the novel written by Koji Suzuki. Since the Japanese original movie “Ringu,” many sequels, prequels and spin-offs were made from this storyline.

Now the creepy girl can come crawling out your high-def TV once again. That will indeed be scary.

Source: Deadline

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