Fantasy Fridays: Scully & MFR Cast GREEN LANTERN CORPS w/ A Special Guest!

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Welcome back to another edition of Fantasy Fridays here at LRM, where two real-life best friends put their heads together and pretend to be studio execs as they try to cast and hire other pertinent talent for upcoming geek properties. 

This week, we turn our attention towards Green Lantern Corps, since there were recent developments on that front recently. The film recently snagged David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight, Blade) and Justin Rhodes (Grassroots) to write the script, with DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns producing and overseeing the project. There's also been talk that it'll have a sort of Lethal Weapon vibe to it, and that it'll sort of base itself off of the Sinestro Corps Wars.

Naturally, this news got all of us here at LRM talking, and that's why Scully and I won't be alone for this edition! This week, we'll be joined by one of our newer writers, Drew Carlton- who never fails to blow us away with his enthusiasm.

There's a lot to see here, as there's so much ground to explore in Green Lantern Corps, so let's dive right in, shall we?

Scully Sets The Tone:

"Green Lantern Corps has to be an ensemble movie (just by the name alone!), and needs to have a director who can handle large casts (potentially with multiple high profile personalities) and big CGI action sequences. If anything has been learned from the GL Movie of 2011, it's that the effects and ability to make a great Green Lantern movie are there, it just needs all the other parts. So with that in mind I am suggesting we hire the following: Writer, Director, Core Gl cast, 1-2 Villains. In my mind this is almost entirely taking place in Space; with maaaaybe a flash back for Hal’s time on earth (so very little Carol Ferris). That being said I’m not gonna worry too much about 'human' supporting cast characters."

Director Picks


"His sci-fi work has been sophisticated and very well done visually. He’s got excellent instincts when it comes to pacing and story plots. While I’m not the biggest fan of David Goyer’s writing, I think Blomkamp can really work with and make the necessary tweaks to create a stellar movie."


"Look, I feel the need to remind everyone that this is FANTASY Friday, so I get to choose who ever I want. Bite me. But is he so far-fetched? Cameron once tried really hard to make a Spider-Man movie, so is it really out of the realm of possibility that he'd be interested in a Green Lantern movie? We already know he's got the sci-fi/action chops, and we've seen what great action-comedies he can make with True Lies. Can you imagine a movie that combines his work on AliensTrue Lies, and Terminator, with the jaw-dropping visuals of Avatar? Yeah. I win."


"Ok, I get it, he is signed with Marvel and it would be unlikely he would jump ship for DC, but could you imagine after what he was able to accomplish with Guardians Of The Galaxy just what he would be able to do for Green Lantern Corps? He was able to take a comic that I, admittedly, never truly followed and turn it into a mega-blockbuster franchise. The comics have taken on the personality of the film characters now, and it is for the better. I think he could create a universe here that may even trump the GOTG world, and it could be his pinnacle work."

Cast Picks



"I know I’m gonna hate for this, but here’s why. The movie needs a big star to really stand out, and let’s face it despite the ensemble cast, Hal Jordan will be the main hero focus so he’s gotta stand out. In my mind the best way to do this movie is simple work with an already established GL Hal Jordan with some flashbacks to his time before becoming a GL. The movie is loosely based (as of the most recent reports) on the Sinestro War storyline, so having a young naïve Hal Jordan just doesn’t work here. You need someone who’s a leader, who has done many roles of being a command presence, and despite his “size” no one has ever had an issue with Cruise in any of his action movies.  I think he has the charisma and look for an older slightly more veteran Hal Jordan who’s ready to battle the Yellow Lanterns and Sinestro! Plus it would be a big deal to get him into a DC franchise movie, instead of Marvel finally grabbing him for something."


"Since we're going with the older, more tested Hal angle, I think Fillion would be an inspired choice- even if he's currently 45! I don't think there's much to justify here. He's got the look, the charm, and he's shown he can a badass that you want to root for during his time as Mal Reynolds in Firefly. Nathan. Fillion."


"One of the three Hemsworth brothers, he has lived under his brother Chris' (Thor) shadow for way too long. Liam's most well known roles are that of Gale Hawthorn in The Hunger Games franchise, and his recent role as Jake Morrison in Independence Day: Resurgence, and he did solid work in both of these characters. The one thing about Jordan that MUST be recognized, is that whoever plays him has to have the chiseled pretty-boy look, and if you take a gander at his IMDb profile pic, he screams, 'PICK ME as Hal Jordan.' His look, and the roles he acted well in make him my choice."

John Stewart


"No question in my mind. Right now he’s the perfect choice for this role. The right age, look, and build. He’s got the strong persona Stewart needs. I could easily see him fitting in with Cruise, or pretty much any actor in the Hal Spot as Parker seems that flexible personality wise. To me he’d definitely be the long running partner of Hal, and they’d need an almost 'Lethal Weapon' style partnership with Stewart taking situations much more seriously than the wiser but still brash Jordan."

MFR: __________

"I've got nothing. I don't know John Stewart. Sorry!"


"This up-and-coming actor is most well known for his role of Heath in The Walking Dead, but he did a bang-up job as Dr. Dre in Straight Outta Compton He is the star of the 24 reboot 24: Legacy, and he will be making an appearance in Kong: Skull Island. He usually plays very serious, often angry, roles and let's face it, John Stewart is a serious guy. I envison Stewart as an early to mid 30's guy, with a skeptical demeanor, and a chip on his shoulder. Hawkins can do these traits easily and turns 30 next year, so he should be around 33 by the time filming begins. A perfect guy to take the role for years to come."



"This is a name that gets passed around a lot on the fan sites for the role and with good reason. Everything about the guy screams he can do the role justice. He’s perfect at be the type of dude you really wanna hate, but does enough heroic and wholesome deeds that you just realize it's ok to have that one 'jerk' friend."


"He played Gannicus in the Starz series Spartacus: Gods of The Arena. He's got the brash, abrasive attitude, the badass bonafides, and I think he's overdue for a star turn stateside."


"Early reports indicate that Guy may be the 'hot headed rookie,' so this pick may not work when GLC finally rolls around, but nothing is set in stone as of yet so I am going to run with this. Hardy has a ton of acting chops, and he is currently doing a FX Networks show called Taboo, which starts a little slow but after 2 episodes I am hooked. Take a chili-bowl haircut, put it on Hardy, and you have the spitting image of how I imagine Gardner to look in a live-action movie"


Scully: ANDRE BRAUGHER (Voice)

"While I personally would love this CGI version to have an iconic voice actor portraying him, I totally understand Hollywood’s need to have known names associated with characters. That being said, no one will do it better than the late Michael Clark Duncan. A close second to me would be Andre Braugher."

Drew: MANU BENNETT (Voice)

"I fear that motion capture may be the only way to do this character properly and it will take a very unique voice to belt out Kilowog's catch phrase 'poozer.' Michael Clarke Duncan did an excellent job in the first Green Lantern film, so Duncan left big shoes to fill. Bennett was born in New Zealand and lived in Australia for a period of time. His voice does not sound Australian however, it sounds more like something that you can't quite place. The voice is catchy and soothing, but sharp and angry at times. A perfect fit for Kilowog."

MFR: Flip A Coin

"Either of those guys sounds great."



"While Katma Tui truly predates Soranik Natu, for the sake of the movie and potential plot point (Soranik is Sinestro’s daughter) It might work best to simply have it that Katma is already dead (possibly from a Yellow Lantern instead of Star Sapphire) making Stewart either more protective or weary of Soranik. It would be a great dynamic to have Blunt and Cruise together again (they worked previously on Edge of Tomorrow) and Blunt is fantastic at being a total badass while still portraying a strong willed, and intelligent character. Emily would definitely be able to showcase the struggles of the character both wanting to do right, uncertain about being a GL and yet also needing to fight and feel pity for her father."


"In the comics Soranik is a force of good, a survivor from the planet Koragur, oh and she happens to be Sinestro's daughter. She hates this fact and is often trying to undermine Sinestro's evil intentions at every turn. I think Soranik would be a perfect fit for Noomi Rapace. Rapace is known from her roles in the original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Prometheus, and she has worked with Tom Hardy before playing Nadia in The Drop. Slather her with red makeup, give her a tattoo under her left eye and she would have that sharp angled look that defines Soranik. Great actress as well."

MFR: __________

"Soranik Na- WHO?!?!"



"It’s kind of old to just typecast Evans in a villain role, but he does it so well. He’s already heavily rumored to be on the short list for the character as well. Evans can easily bring the level of dedication and intensity needed for Sinestro, as his quest to 'defeat chaos through fear' brings the Yellow Lanterns into war with the Green. Thanks to special effects and make up, it wouldn’t be hard to believe that Sinestro is either the same age or older than Tom Cruise’s Hal Jordan."


"This was the toughest pick for me because Mark Strong's performance in the first Green Lantern may have been the best thing about the film and I would be happy as a jaybird if he were to return. Outside of that, I went with John Hannah. Currently, you can see him playing the evil-turned good-turned evil Dr. Radcliffe in Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. but the reason I went with Hannah is his role of Batiatus in the Starz series Spartacus. For the first two seasons he played the main antagonist, and he played the role convincingly. The character was quick of with and even quicker to torture his slaves when they got out of line. I could see him taking aspects of Batiatus and meld it into Thaal."


"I know I mentioned him last week for The Wizard in Shazam! and someone mentioned he should be used for something bigger. I agree. So I'd rather he get Sinestro. He's shown different facets of villainy in various roles, ranging from Lucious Malfoy in the Harry Potter films and more recently in Netflix's The O.A. He'd kill this."


"I'm going to let Scully & Drew take it from here. Looking at the list of characters they're tackling next...I may as well be reading the ingredients on a tube of toothpaste."



"Sinestro’s answer to Kilowog and sort of the general of his Yellow Lanterns. Jones is a monster of a man all on his own, so mixed with minimal CGI he could play the role easily, perhaps with a voice actor (Troy Baker!) if they don’t want that heavy Aussie accent getting through."


"The leader of the blood spewing Red Lanterns will likely be a part of of the live-action GLC movie, as it is rumored to be based on The Sinestro Corps War. Arkillo is Kilowog's arch-nemesis and they are both born from the same space sector (the method the green lanterns use to classify the different realms of the universe). This character will likely be full CGI and MOCAP, and I would only want the best for him. Ever since Andy Serkis played Golem in Lord of the Rings he has been the goto guy for all things motion capture, and he does voices well also. In addition, Serkis could do other minor roles like Salaak or a number of other humanoid-like aliens."



"Lyssa is the keeper of the book of Parallax, as well as one of the trainers alongside Arkillo of new yellow lanterns. Pulver has experience with both Blunt and Cruise from Edge of Tomorrow, along with a long impressive list of parts. She’s great at playing manipulative characters who conceal their dark side (here she’d be openly expressing it). I’d love for a side storyline in the movie to be the recruitment of Amon Sur (the son of Abin Sur, the 'greatest' Green Lantern and original wielder of Hal Jordan’s ring, also Sinestro’s partner)."


"In the comics, Lyssa is basically a dark priestess that can read from The Book of Parallax, which could be considered a cross between The Bible and The Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. I chose Caplan for this role because of her petite physique, cat-like demeanor, and her dark and brooding role on Masters Of Sex. We don't really have a good feel of Lyssa outside the books, and she was created around the same time as Soranik in the Geoff Johns era, but has much less "page-time" than Soranik does. I would almost consider switching Noomi Rapace to this role and Caplan to the Soranik role, but I am going with my gut here."



"Amon is the son of Abin Sur, the Green Lantern before Hal Jordan and best friend/Partner with Thaal Sinestro. Abin died, and Hal inherited his ring, he also never lived to see the fall of Sinestro or rise of the yellow lanterns. Amon is full of rage and fear from his father’s death and becomes a pawn for Sinestro to strike against the Green Lanterns. A side story in the movie would sort of be his “seduction” to the dark side in a way, showing Amon freely giving into the ways of the Yellow Lanterns. His story would play opposite of Soranik who ideally should be at Sinestro’s side, but instead is choosing to work with the Green Lanterns."


"I must agree with Jeremy on this one. Great fit! He played Beast in the newer X-Men and I was surprised by the performance he gave as Nux on Mad Max: Fury Road. He shows in Mad Max that he can take a role of being manipulated, then break free from his master's control to become his own person. This could happen in the movie with Amon Sur saving the day at the expense of his own life. His father's blood courses through his veins, so it would only be natural."

And so concludes another edition of Fantasy Fridays here at LRM. What'd you think of our picks? Who'd we omit that you would want to see in Green Lantern Corps? And help us out with bragging rights: Who had the better picks?!?

As for me, I'll make sure to pick next week's topic so that I can make sure it's something I know tons about. These last few topics have been very comic book heavy and, as some of you know, I've been a huge comic book guy. Help me brainstorm next week's topic. What should it be?

As always, thanks for reading. 

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