'Fear The Walking Dead': A Look At Season 2, and New Mini Episodes

– by LRM

With the conclusion of Fear The Walking Dead's first season last night, and a whopping six days before the premiere of season six of The Walking Dead proper, fans are left to hopelessly fill their time with something related to TWD. Well, have no fear, folks. You won't have to go into any kind of withdrawals thanks to these two new videos below.

In this one, the people behind Fear The Walking Dead offer up a preview of what we should expect when the series returns for its second season next year. Have a look:

This next bit is fairly intriguing. Last night, the same day that Fear The Walking Dead was ending its current run, AMC launched the first installment of a 16 part miniseries that's also set in this universe. It's very brief, and it's only meant to capture one frightening experience that took place elsewhere during the initial outbreak. Titled "Fear The Walking Dead- Flight 462: Part 1," these mini episodes will tell the story of a group of passengers experiencing the outbreak while on a commercial flight. 

Check out part one right here:

The rest of the installments will be released weekly, and can be viewed on the AMC Mobile app, or during premiere episodes of The Walking Dead

Does all this tickle your zomb...err..."walker" fancy?

I hear they're also working on a 27-part miniseries. It will center on an undead cow, roaming the plains, as living TV executives chase after it and take turns sucking its teats dry. Each episode will be 8 seconds long. Edgar Wright is expected to direct, with Peyton Reed staring over his shoulder. You know. Just in case.

"Milk The Mooing Dead" premieres next year.

"Milk The Mooing Dead" premieres next year.


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